“No boring weekend”: How Wilson Tours attracts Rwandans to home adventures

Elias Hakizimana & Desire Muhire.

Some Rwandans are said not to be tourism friendly and admiring people, which is, according to Wilson Habimana, a negative and common stereotype to reject.

Wilson Tours is proving that Rwandans are willing to engage in touristic activities, and it is a matter of time and instructions.

In 2013, Wilson realized that many Rwandans are surrounded by countless touristic opportunities and explored in vain, that is when he decided to found “Wilson Tours and Travel Agency ltd”

“Some Rwandans have negative approaches that they cannot pay to see animals while they can watch them on TV, that is totally false. Tourism is a huge area, we are always hearing our youth screaming out and claiming about unemployment or lack of job opportunities, they never realize surrounding opportunities such being acquainted with Rwandan ecosystem and culture to sell to tourists who are ready to recompense them,” he observed. 

“But, unfortunately, they come, sleep in hotels and return with their spend-supposed wealth as they lacked professional guides during their breaks” Habimana said, urging every single Rwandan to explore the beauty of Rwanda.”

Wilson Habimana during the interview with The Inspirer.

Habimana told The Inspirer that his firm is always looking for ways of raising awareness and improve the mindset of Rwandans about domestic tourism at the same time creating more jobs for Rwandan people especially youth.

“We are very motivated to create more jobs for Rwandans; no boring weekend was set to help Rwandan avoid being bored during their weekends. We do everything possible to offer them effective tour guide so that they know the history, the culture and the beauty of their country,” he noted.

Wilson Habimana (1st Left) with students he trains about toutism industry. Wilson tours helps students who want to further their knowledge in tourism industry.

Tourism as source of money

As a pioneer and expert in this field, Habimana explains that Tourism is the sector that brings money to a mass of people and contributes to unemployment reduction.

“Tourism raises the welfare of people and makes a lot of income to the country,” Habimana said.

Incepted on December 3rd, 2013, the firm struggled at its beginning but now has a hope to make effective tour guide where many Rwandans can understand the importance of knowing the beauty of their nation.

“In partnership with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) through ‘Tembera U Rwanda programme, We took over 200 Rwandans to visit gorillas and more people understand the rationale of domestic tourism,” he said. 

In line with creating more jobs to Rwandans, Wilson Tours offers short-time training to youth and employs them after one month. “We need to see Rwandan youth on duties in tourism so that we collect all foreign money to Rwanda. I found that our tourism can improve our welfare and plan a bright future of our descendants.” Habimana added.

Wilson Tours is led by three main pillars which are: Relax, discover and get connected.






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