KBS to bring 20 more buses to solve the issue of long passenger queues

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Kigali Bus Services (KBS), is going to add 20 buses to assist the already existing fleet in order to address the issue where passengers have to wait for cars on long queues owing to insufficient buses, officials have said.

KBS officials made the promise this 11th January, 2019 during press conference whereby they took an opportunity to present the transport agency’s achievements, challenges and some strategies to overcome them to deliver a better service.

According to KBS’s Director of Finance, Uwamahoro Nadine, KBS has been strongly progressing to maintain its mandate and responsibility despite some challenges.

“We try to fulfill our liability to transport passengers, we have made a big step comparing to our commencement. But we are still facing some challenges such as traffic jam during hours of numerous passengers or when our buses experience some mechanical issues” She said.

KBS staff posing for a group photo as they celebrate the new year 2019

“Overcoming such issues, we are planning to augment 20 more new buses which will support existing ones, and we have recommended in those in charge of transport to seek road for transport cars, this will avoid traffic jam and passengers long queue will be history” Uwamahoro added

Currently, KBS possess 116 buses, which transport almost 50 thousand customers daily upon admitted roads.

Director of KBS, Mutua Boniface revealed that KBS buses were accustomed to having mechanical difficulties, but they are trying their best to eliminate them.

Director of KBS, Mutua Boniface.

“We have been facing mechanical challenges, our buses have had problems, some of them were not operating, but now we have technicians and original mechanical tools avail to replace old ones, we assure our customers that very soon those challenges will be reduced” Boniface said.

He furthermore stated that excellent partnership with public entities which are tied to transport such as RURA they will achieve their goals.

Eng. Rwunguko Jean d’Amour, Director of infrastructures in City of Kigali confirms that the project of transport-road busses is under conception.

“City of Kigali has a long plan of road construction, works are under execution, we believe that next year big roads their junction will be at their end. After that stage, we shall see how road for only transport busses may be constructed too, we have that plan”. He said

During that press conference, KBS staff were celebrating New Year and rejoicing their last year achievements.

Officials did not mention exact time of bringing those new buses, but they pledge it is as soon as possible.


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