Meet Jean Claude Habimana, Rwanda’s award-winning journalist in 2018

By The Inspirer Staff.

Jean Claude Habimana, Rwanda’s journalist who has been passionate with the career since his graduation in University of Rwanda is now the champion of performance awards in Journalism.

Besides being a hard working journalist, Habimana has won over five trophies and much money paid cash as recognition of his achievements after contesting with other many journalists only in the year 2018.

Habimana has worked for several media outlets including Radio Salus AND Rwanda broadcasting agency (RBA). In 2017, he was awarded the second Action Aid award about reporting on issues facing women’s development. He was awarded the best winner among fourteen journalists who had participated. The award was organized under the theme “Women’s unpaid care work” whose   ceremony took place in Kigali on December 18, 2017.

In 2018, he went away with another round of cash prize in the same sector, beating 25 of his contestants. In December 2018, he won the best HDI reproductive health reporter, beating 160 journalists from various media houses in Rwanda.

“I am a committed and talented social media influencer and Communication Professional with five years of experience in broadcasting journalism. Having served as senior news reporter for Radio Salus in five years, I have built a strong capacity of audio-visual production, news gathering, data collection and analysis, processing and dissemination.”

Habimana was also awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in collaboration with Transparency International as Journalist of Year to reporting on role of small holder farmers in District’s budget.

Some of his background

The 2018 was the year Habimana Jean Claude was nominated by UN Biodiversity among three East Africans to UN BIODIVERSITY CONFERENCE of parties and meeting of parties (COP14 – COPMOP9 – COPMOP3 SHARM EL SHEIKH, EGYPT).

Jean Claude Habimana (L), receiving a reproductive health reporting award.

In November 2018, Global Environmental Facility conference held in Kenya listed Habimana Jean Claude among young African specialized in environment reporting.

In 2017, he was recognized by Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (UNFAO) and USAID funded projects in Rwanda as a good consultant in team work skills in time of drafting communication tools, developing strategies, and project management in time of implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The idea behind the success

“The first thing is that all my stories focus on the grassroots people and vulnerable people in the community. I always strive to be hardworking, passionate and I like putting myself in needy people’s shoes, this helps me to fully come up with good articles,” Habimana told The Inspirer.

The way forward

“Such recognitions are catalysts of the future activities in my journalistic news reporting, I believe I will be winning more trophies in the future,” he noted.

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Elias Hakizimana

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