Government refutes WDA decision to suspend TVET schools’ activities

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Education has refuted the decision of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) taken yesterday to suspend over 70 Vocational Training Schools (TVETs) operating in the country.

The suspended schools were in two categories; the 7 schools had been suspended for one year while 62 were suspended for two weeks to first improve on recommended criteria.

Speaking to the press during a press conference on this January 9, 2019, The Minister of Education Dr Eugene Mutimura confirmed that many TVET schools have improved on recommended criteria after the inspection done in February, May and September2018.

It was expected that 108 of 899 schools that had been inspected had to stop operating during this academic year when they do not improve on the requirements as per the 3rd phase inspection results conducted between 10th-21st of September 2018.

Mutimura said that only 65 schools successfully improved on the recommended requirements at over 85 percent, while 30 schools improved half of the requirements.

Among the inspected schools, seven did not implement the requirement as required, 5 did not implement them due to bad internal leadership, 13 were still under inspection while 17 are not yet inspected.

The minister said that there are other suspended TVETs by WDA that were given more time to correct substandard issues mentioned and they were given opportunity to make improvement.

All suspended schools will continue activities of the first academic year on Monday and will be inspected after a month to proceed by further measures.

Suspended TVET schools welcome Government’s Decision

Athanase Ruhumuriza, headmaster of Kigali International Art College who was among the suspended TVETs for one year welcomes the decision of the government, promising that he will do even better to keep the quality of education growing.

“It is pleasant to hear from this decision of the ministry of education. What we are going to do is to continue doing remarkable progress in delivering quality practical education by improving on standards requirements,” Ruhumuriza said.

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Elias Hakizimana

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