Nyanza residents appeal for energy access expansion, rainwater harvesting technologies

By Desire Muhire

Nyanza District residents have called for the scale-up of energy access as well as means for harvesting rainwater in a bid to help them run income generating activities, and address water shortage concern which makes it difficult for some households to have food ready for their school children.

Meanwhile, the district officials have urged residents in areas that are yet to access to electricity to try means of using solar energy  as government plans to expand energy facilities and access among its people.

The call was made during media tour to observe the participation of ordinary citizens in governance and national planning.

The media observed that in some areas residents were generating income from electricity use while in other areas people have expressed their needs to consider electricity and water supply to them in the forthcoming 2019-2020 budget.

Currently only 31% of households have access to electricity in Nyanza District and are making use of it.

Access to energy has proven to be profitable to the community in terms of development.

Ignace Rudasingwa has set up a small hair salon in the area, which is helping him earn his daily bread.

“I save between about Rwf60, 000 every month through this business thanks to electricity we have got,” he said.

Jeremie Habaguhirwa has installed a grounding mill thanks to electricity.

“I save between about Rwf5,000 every day from grounding cassava and sorghum. I invested over Rwf1 million in this business,” he said.

However, other residents are appealing for electricity and water supply in Kigoma Sector.

Those who were interviewed by www.rwandainspirer.com said that it has been a long time begging for water and electricity but in vain.

“Sometimes when our children come back from school, they miss lunch as we have not cooked due to lack of water. We get water from over 1 kilometer distance  and we have to spend some 2 hours,” said Habimana who resides in Butansinda cell

He also said that lack of electricity is a big challenge: “How are we going to progress with without electricity like other residents. We are lagging behind. We need during the current budget processes, our wishes are included and get access to electricity,” He added

Jeanne Umuhoza who lives in Isonga Village owns a kitchen garden but told The Rwandainspirer that is hard to water it.

“We almost have tried to own kitchen garden in our village to eradicate malnutrition and stunting in our families, but it is very hard to water for them because we do not have water in our village,” she said.

Patrick Kajyambere, the Nyanza District vice mayor in charge of Economic Development stated that the District has a water supply project but revealed that it is still under construction.

“We are constructing water pipes to supply water for our citizens but it is still under process and it is not easy to precise when the execution will come to an end. Meanwhile are sensitising our citizens to harvest rainwater and use it as they wait for water supply systems to be completed,” he observed.

“Such rainwater can also irrigate Kitchen gardens. While we are yet to scale up electricity everywhere, residents can opt for using solar energy,” he added.


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Elias Hakizimana

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