This has been a good and productive year for Rwanda – Kagame


President Paul Kagame has said in a televised message that the year 2018 was a good and productive year for Rwanda, but that there was some work to be done to lift Rwandans who still need support.

He was delivering his annual end-of- year address in which he laid out the country’s top priorities for the year ahead.

“This has been a good and productive year for Rwanda. But there are still people in our communities who need our support. Helping one another is among the highest values of our culture,” he said.

The Head of State told the people of Rwanda that there was a lot to look forward to in 2019, although he emphasised that there is hard work that needs to be done to take the country where it should be.

“Our economy continues to grow, anchored on the unity and solidarity of Rwandans. Governance and social cohesion also continue to get stronger. In other areas, including sports, our athletes increasingly made their mark internationally, especially our cyclists,” he noted.

He attributed this to the steadfast unity and wisdom of Rwandans, indicating that this also made the country remain more strong and secure; something he believes will always be the case.

Kagame highlighted that the continent became more unified in the previous with Rwanda playing its part towards realising that process.

While Rwanda’s relationship with Africa has grown stronger, Kagame, who is also the Chairperson of the African Union, indicated that there were still challenges in the region.

“Some neighbours have tried to revive the threat posed by FDLR, RNC and other negative forces. This jeopardizes the otherwise good progress in East African integration, as well as regional security,” he said.

“For one neighbour, we expect it. However, we are surprised by another neighbour, where the evidence we have, and which they must also have, shows clear complicity, despite public denials,” he said.

But he told the people of Rwanda that this particular matter was being handled, and “we continue talking with our neighbours in the spirit of African solidarity”.

Kagame called upon Rwandans to remain vigilant while not allowing themselves to be distracted.


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Elias Hakizimana

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