We bring the new taste, new aroma and nutritious food- says Umugiraneza

By Elias Hakizimana.

Youth in agribusiness forum have made a tremendous journey in adding value to locally produced food. CARL Group’s Chairman Regis Umugiraneza said that they have made an improvement on their processed products from orange sweet potato to help Rwandans boost their nutrition.

The company that is among the factories of youth in agribusiness is made of four members including three girls and one boy who is Umugiraneza.

They add value to orange sweet potato where they produce breads, cakes and biscuits rich in Vitamin A.

Umugiraneza was speaking during the ceremony to taste and mark the new boosted breads, cakes and biscuits at the company’s headquarters where various people were invited to give their contribution in tasting and ranking the products.

CARL Group’s Chairman Regis Umugiraneza speaking to the press in December 2018. (PHOTO by Elias Hakizimana).

“We currently have andazi, cheeps, breads, cakes, and biscuits all from potatoes but not in an advanced manner, we did not have enough modern equipment including the processing machines. Today it is the reason why we invited people to come and see our progress, taste and feel the new aroma of our products after we have improved the processing manner. We have modern equipment, we have capacity and for sure we get prepared to put on market tasteful and nutritious food that Rwandans will appreciate,” Umugiraneza said.

Since three years, he said the company was striving to get to the level of having the products that will serve the purpose of consumers.

Various youth tasting and ranking the CARL Group’s products. (PHOTO by Elias Hakizimana).

The way forward

“After this event we are going to do the market research and we want to have a shop before the year ends. We will reach out the super marks, schools, health centers, education development centers so that Rwandans access our products. Our products have specialty of originality as we do not add sugar while processing.” He said.


He said that infrastructures and packaging materials are still the key threats to small factories of food processors.

The company produces between 300 and 600 kg per day while their machines have the production capacity of 2.5 and 3 tons per day. “We will increase the production according to the market expansion,” Umugiraneza noted.

Umugiraneza showing some of the equipment in the processing unit of CARL Group.

The products are sold at the factories’ location in Kanombe sector, Gasabo district and they will have a shop by January 2019. These products will also be sold countrywide in all provinces and supermarkets.

Umugiraneza thanks the business development fund (BDF) that gave him the machines.

Christophe Rutonesha, one of the people who tasted and ranked the CARL group products said that have the aroma of a potato, which makes them differ from other breads, cakes and biscuits o the market.

“I can tell them to keep up the good work by reducing unemployment and boosting nutrition. I encourage other youth to follow these young innovators as they are good role models in bringing changes. What I liked most is that they have invited people to taste and rank their products before they put them on market.” Rutonesha said.

Diana Kareba, BDF Staff in charge of agribusiness and quasi-equity said they have worked for a long time with CARL Group in designing their project. “ It is a pride that today they are at such a good level. We partnered to design the project and we supported them to implement it,” she said.


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