Children close holidays with bright knowledge on reproductive health, HIV prevention and drug abuse   

By Elias Hakizimana.

Most of Children would like to spend their holidays enjoying different things in different life perspectives that can sometimes include the lures.

Due to the efforts of the government to shape their good future, they meet with mentors during this period and taught on reproductive health, HIV prevention and drug abuse to keep their minds fresh and be cautious on any consequences that can result from these threats of life.

Under the initiative called ‘Intore mu biruhuko’ or children in holidays, young children in Nyarugenge District this week closed this programme at Kankuba cell, Mageragere sector with the theme to fight HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies among the teenagers and drug abuse consumption and distribution.

The event was organized by Smart Guys Club, Club Rafiki and other partners including Nyarugenge District.

Stephanie Alamba, chairperson of Club Rafiki Nyamirambo said that the initiative is an annual event named ‘intore mu biruhuko’ in which they partner with the government to equip children in holidays with enough knowledge on reproductive health, fight HIV and drug abuse, and it comes twice a week, Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 


Stephanie Alamba, chairperson of Club Rafiki

“We have a big problem in different families where teenage girls are impregnated, we call up on parents to be closer their children and give them advice and orient them in different good disciplines such as job creation, fight against HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies. We partner with other entities to give such messages to youth through different perspectives like gaming and we help them to be tested for HIV,” she said.

She thanks the government of Rwanda and other partners for this initiative that is vital to the younger generation.

Emmanuel Nkundabose, president of smart guys club that organized the initiative told The Inspirer that this campaign was to help youth in holidays to be smart through different talents and to cater for health.

Emmanuel Nkundabose, president of smart guys club.

“We need everyone among the youth to show their talents, to share ideas, to have the values of Rwandans. We need them to fight drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies for young girls and get tested for HIV/AIDS,” Nkundabose noted.

Robert Ruhashya, the in-charge of Education in Mageragere sector said that such campaigns are helpful as 98 percent of the children gain significant knowledge and the lessons they learn from these initiatives impact their wellbeing and their future.

“I advise these children to keep up good practices and lessons they learnt from the campaign. They should avoid any lures that can push them into prostitution and drug abuse,” Ruhashya said.

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Elias Hakizimana

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