INES Ruhengeri: Students gained a boost in mobile mapping technology

By Elias Hakizimana.

Students from INES-Ruhengeri in Northern province of Rwanda were trained on new technology dubbed ‘mobile mapping’ to ease and improve photography services.

While closing the three-day training facilitated by driven by project on Wednesdy, Fabien Hagenimana, the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri said the training were organized in line with equipping the students to tackle the problem of technology development.

“We currently teach surveying and photography on land and on the sky. It was difficult as we used to carry the tools in our hands and capture few things within a long period of time. Sometimes we used drones but also could fail to capture images.

This new technology called mobile mapping is easy as it allows a photographer to easily and faster capture every image on the road.

The technology will help the campus to conduct data surveying, data analysis and production in their daily work.

Fabien Hagenimana, the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri./ Photo by Elias Hakizimana.

The tools required for the mobile mapping technology worth Rwf 42 million according to Hagenimana.

“The new programme to teach this course will be added to the modules they currently since next year. It will help them to improve services once they join the labour market,” Hagenimana noted.

He said that besides saving the time, the technology also helps in making money. “If for example, someone can do the work that had to be done in a month and finish it in two days, […]

Students who gained this training those from the 3rd and fourth year of surveying, land administration and statistics.

Students speak out

Alice Umutesi, a student in 3rd year said that the training on mobile mapping come on time and will help them increase knowledge and the quality of service.

 Alice Umutesi, a student in 3rd year  year at INES RUHENGERI showing up her certificate of participation in three-day training courses on the use of mobile mapping in photography. (Elias Hakizimana).

“We currently use total station technology, theodolite, GPS and various tools. These are different from the mobile mapping technology that uses image box to capture images and it is useful even when it is raining. It will also help us deliver high quality services at the labour market,”

She said the theoretical and small practical trainings they got are not enough, but are very helpful.

The technology works when the technology is placed under the vehicle and get connected to the mobile smart phone, being controlled by the operator inside the vehicle. The technology has its wifi-connection and it starts to record data when the vehicle moves.

The students following the training on mobile mapping. / Photo by Elias Hakizimana.   



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