Young females and boys benefit from professional hairdressing coaching

  1. By Elias Hakizimana.

At least 38 youth are closing professional training in hair dressing in Share Academy, the school of Workforce Development Authority (WDA) to improve their welfare as most of them did not afford to go for University studies.

Gisele Mukamisha, one of young girls being trained by the school said she wanted to have vocational training skills in hair dressing besides being passionate with the profession.

Currently, after twelve months, she can make little money to afford financial needs because she can serve clients.

“I believe the courses in professional hair dressing will help me in my future life because I like this profession.” She said.

Mukamisha studied accountancy in secondary schools. “I could not afford to pay University school fees then I got the opportunity to come and learn how to comb hair in a very professional way,” she said.

Esperance Nyangezi was doing hairdressing just to survive but without professional skills. She is now closing professional training with Share Academy and she told The Inspirer that she is ready to join the labour market or establish own business.

“I was serving people at home without enough skills in hair dressing. I am doing it now professionally and after having professional skills. I have a dream of establishing my own professional hair dressing saloon and I will be able to manage it. I will also train my colleagues,”

One of the clients at Share Academy school in WDA. Approaching her, she said that the services are very professional and pleasant.

A client said that the services offered by the students are very professional and pleasant. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana).

“I have appreciated their services. I believe they do that professionally and it is free of charge. There is a great discrepancy between the services I currently have from other hair dressing saloons because this one cares for quality of hair,” she noted.

Eric Muhozi, is a young boy who joined the same vocational training course. He said that hairdressing is not only the work of females.

Hair dressing job is not only for women and girls. 

“This is a good course. This is like hair treatment and we do that professionally as the medic doctor cares for patients. We are also doing the same to cure human beings’ hairs and bring them back in their healthy conditions.” Muhozi said, adding that he is very proud to serve every client and be passionate with this discipline after leaving the school.

Mukama Teta Tea, a trainer at Share Academy Told The Inspirer that the students have acquired all the needed courses along with the twelve months.

Mukama Teta Tea, a trainer at Share Academy.

She said there is a hope that the students will enter the labour market as 80 percent of graduates from the school use to get jobs in different hair dressing saloons.

“They leave the school with self-confidence, so, we also trust them to perform at the labor market as hairdressing saloons’ owners use to come here to recruit them even before they leave the school. We give them a full package of courses,” said Mukama.

She reiterated that one year of training is enough to serve clients and make hairs professionally with the beauty the client wants.

Mukama urged the student-finalists to serve people with discipline and be professional on the market.

Jacky Kabagema, the trainer of trainers of the students in Share Academy explained that the school recruits students who finished the ordinary level and advanced level of secondary schools after they have presented their school reports, filed the forms and have done interview examinations.

“We also teach them discipline and good customer care so that they can adapt to any workplace situation; for example, they can be good receptionists.” She said.

This school was given the world skills competition award recently among the six African countries. It has been training students since 6 years ago and have now 270 students trained to date.









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