How Access To Agricultural Information Has Helped Her Run a Profitable Agribusiness

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rosalie Mukeshimana, a young girl who ventured in Green beans farming since a couple of months ago is now enjoying the benefits of her work.

She graduated from University of Rwanda in 2014 and benefited from agricultural training from Israel between 2016-2017.

She started the green beans farming business in 2017 in Bugesera District.

Mukeshimana is a member of Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) which is an Agriculture Extension social enterprise that spreads agriculture information and facts to the community focusing on young people to lead in transforming traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness.

 YEAN is hosting a network of Young farmers, agronomist, investors and policy makers in Agriculture (YEAN Community), a network that is defined as a new generation of professional farmers.

It was created after realizing that local community needs information to learn new knowledge and techniques to develop their career.

YEAN shares stories from farmers to inspire youth in leading the change in Agriculture and skills development that improves the living conditions of farmers for sustainable development

The network gathered youth in agribusiness last week where The young lady shared her success story in agribusiness.

She started to harvest the green beans for exports in partnership with her client who buys the yield and take it to foreign countries through the National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB).

Besides her seed capital of Rwf2million with her three colleagues, Mukeshimana gets support from her client like some money to buy pesticides and seeds.

“We make a consent together to cater for the production. I coordinate everything including fertilizers, irrigation, paying workers,” she said.

The last season she harvested 10 tonnes of green beans from 1 hectare. 65% of the yield was exported.

“this was neither the quality nor the quantity I wished. Next season, I want to export between 85 and 90 percent of the yield,” Mukeshimana noted.

The price for exported green beans is Rwf500, while the local market is Rwf 120, Rwf180 of Rwf200.

The green beans give yield between 45 and 48 days after planting.

The yield from 1 ha after selling can help her save Rwf1million in return, thanks to the efforts of Youth Engagement in Agribusiness Network (YEAN)-Rwanda that helps her get timely information on how to cater for her green beans plantation.

Some of the challenges she faces include lack of enough soil with enough water to irrigate. Another challenge is that the prices in Rwanda’s green beans’ market still have fluctuation.

“My dream is export after satisfying the local market,” she said.

Arcade Nshimiyimana, a poultry farmer and Chairperson of YEAN said that this network started to help youth who are in agribusiness tackle some challenges including lack of agricultural information.

“We decided to have a platform from which everyone in this business can get rapid information to help him/her improve on the business,” Nshimiyimana noted.



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Elias Hakizimana

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