RYAF to plant 100 million fruit trees to fight malnutrition, spur Agricultural Exports

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) will plant around 100 million (100,000,000) fruit trees countrywide by 2024.

The efforts that started in Nyarubaka Sector, Kamonyi District of Rwanda (with 8,000 fruit trees) as a donation to increase fruit productivity will contribute to Horticulture export in coming years.

At least 3,500 trees of 8,000 including avocado and mangoes were planted on Saturday December 8, 2018 in Nyarubaka Sector, Kamonyi District.

The total of 8,000 trees include 4,000 avocados and 500 mangoes.

The citizens welcomed this boost as they were facing shortage of tree fruits in their homes.

Prudence Nshimyumurwa, 55, a citizen from Kigusa cell in this sector said the fruits they were given will contribute to the environment protection, good nutrition of the family as well as increasing financial income of households.

“We are happy to get these fruits. Currently, in our location we grow few avocadoes, mangoes, lemons and oranges. Myself had only few avocadoes and oranges and the new fruits I was given will help me to raise financial capacity of my family,” Nshimyumurwa said.

He said one avocado tree use to give him two sacs of 100 kg worth Rwf 20.000 each.

Fercula Niyigena, the mother of a three-year old child from Kibingo village, Gitare cell in Nyarubaka said the fruits will help mostly in her child growth by protecting from diseases.

“we have currently 10 fruit trees like guavas, avocadoes and lemons. They are giving the first yield and I sold few. Fruits contributes to financial status of the family apart from being food supplements,” said Niyigena.

Five cells were targeted in this sector where each will be given five trees.

Jean Baptiste Hategekimana, the RYAF Chairman said that they will plant around 100.000.000 fruit trees in a five-year project from 2019-2024.

Jean Baptiste Hategekimana, Chairman of RYAF planting an avocado tree in Nyarubaka sector as inaugurating the five year project of planting 100 million fruit trees countrywide. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana).

“We need to help citizens fight malnutrition and improve the market. When we have many avocadoes for example, we will supply the agro-processing factories we have in our country and this is a journey. We want to plant fruit trees that are not less than 100 million by 2024 that will contribute for enough productivity and raise exports,” Hategekimana noted.

He said that RYAF will plant fruit trees on the soil that is not exploited.

John Kayumba, the representative of Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) in Kamonyi-Muhanga and Ruhango Districts said that citizens are allowed the government’s subsidies to get fertilizers for these fruits.

Alexis Nkurunzinza, the coordinator of National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) in Southern Province said the initiative will further current programmes to increase fruit productivity and will help to attain NAEB’s goals in Horticulture exports.

He said NAEB will guarantee the market for farmers at 100 percent. “we have markets for avocadoes in Europe but we cannot satisfy it, we still have gaps in exports as we only supply the local markets.

Kamonyi District itself targeted to plant 2,400 fruit trees this year and will be given 8,000 trees by RYAF only in one cell.

A citizen carrying an avocado seedling with a hope to increase fruit productivity in his home. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana). 
RYAF staff smiles as carrying a mango seedling. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana). 
RYAF staff in the middle with his colleagues from Scotland’s Youth in agriculture forum after planting the trees last Saturday. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana)
RDF joined RYAF in fruit tree planting activities (Elias Hakizimana)





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