Gisagara hits the top of Rwanda’s volleyball National league

By Pauline Mukarurangwa.

In an easy way, this Saturday 8th December 2018, Gisagara Volleyball Club which was playing in front of its supporters won the two consecutive games of day four of FRVB Volleyball National League 2018-2019.

On the battle of leading the 1st round of FRVB Volleyball National League 2018-2019, Gisagara VC won the first set with 25 points to 16 of IPRC West VC, the second one with 25 points out of 15 and the third with 25 out of 19 points.

In the match that opposed APR VC and IPRC West, the army side did its best to win the three points but all in vain.
Mutesi Leo Fidel, the head coach of IPRC West VC who was disappointed in the first match, didn’t want this to happen again.

Although APR VC was expected to win this game, it wasn’t easy to this team of the army, because they lost the first set with 25 points out of 27 of IPRC West VC, the 2nd set was won by IPRC West VC again with 27 points out 25 of APR VC, and the third set with 23 points of APR VC out of 25 of its opponent.

The last game of day four of Rwanda Volleyball National League opposes the host team Gisagara VC and APR VC.

Things became worse after APR VC lost its second match to Gisagara VC.
Samuel Mutemi Mulinge, the army side head coach told journalists that it is very disappointing to lose two games, but he added that there is nothing he can do.

“Gisagara is a very strong team, we are expecting to do better in the next matches, but in Rwanda there are no players” said Mutemi.

When asked whether he is going to suggest his bosses to buy players from outside the country, Mutemi said that the policy of APR VC doesn’t accept it because they are used to working with young Rwandan players.

Gisagara VC assured its supporters that they are expecting to win this year title.
“It is a great pleasure that we won our today’s two matches and we believe we will do the same in the next games.” said Ntawangundi Dominique, the head coach of Gisagara VC.


Gisagara VC 15 points
UTB VC 14 points
REG VC 14 points
IPRC West VC 8 points
IPRC East VC 7 points
APR VC 5 points
Kirehe VC 0 Point.

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