Why persons with disabilities still question inclusiveness and equality

By Pauline Mukarurangwa.

As the world celebrates the international day of persons with disabilities on December 3, in Rwanda they are still facing challenges such as buildings that are not user-friendly for persons with disabilities, a big number of children who don’t have adequate access to education, lack of skills about sign language among others.

Romalis Niyomugabo who represents persons with disabilities reminded everyone the contribution to the development of these persons.

He urged religious representatives to help and not leave behind disabled persons, rather, handle challenges that they are facing in society.

“For new buildings, we are seeing some changes like in road construction, banks and markets. But we still have challenges where a big number of children who have the age of going to school have no access to education, a small number of teachers specialised to teach disabled persons, etc.” said Niyomugabo.

Besides, Niyomugabo said that public transport vehicles do not facilitate persons with disabilities in circulation within the country.

Dr Mukabaramba Alvera, the Minister of state in charge of social affairs ar the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) said that it is a time to remind everybody that disability doesn’t mean inability.

Dr Mukabaramba Alvera, the Minister of state for Local Government responsible for social affairs said that it is a time to remind everybody that disability doesn’t mean inability.

She added that even if they have come from far, there are still obstacles as many persons with disabilities are jobless.

“We are thinking of how we can mobilize private sector to employ these persons with disabilities”. Mukabaramba said.

For the remaining challenges, Dr. Mukabaramba assured that they will continue to do advocacy and find ways to solve them.

She promised that the Government of Rwanda is committed to accelerate the inclusive education and tasked everyone to contribute for the implementation of what have been in words for a long time ago.

The recent census by Rwanda National Institute of Statistics (NSIR) shows that 48.6% of children with disabilities are not schooling and 98.8% of persons with disabilities are unemployed, contributing to lack of capacity to afford prosthetics. 










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