Fight “Drug Dealers” not “Drug Addicts”- Bishop Birindabagabo

Desire Muhire.

Bishop Alex Birindabagabo, Chairperson of Purpose Driven Ministries (Peace Plan) called everyone’s participation in drug abuse eradication among youth, strengthening that there must be spiky strategies of punishing drug dealers rather than spending much time on already addicts.

He gave this recommendation during “Rwanda Shima Imana concert, literally means “Rwanda Thank God” on 29th November, 2018.

He said that, everyone should feel responsible to fight against drug traffickers, because they are exterminating Rwanda’s future.

“Let’s stand up as religious members and fight this plague, together we shall overcome, it is not understandable why this issue is still persisting while those who are empoisoning our children are well known,”

Why these ones are not arrested and be jailed? They are known in the areas they are operating in, they have to be pursued and get punished. Let us confront them instead of fighting those children who are already affected, they are sick and need to be medically treated, once we defeat drug dealers, our children will also be safe as they will no longer find those poisons.” He said

Participant’s argued that drug abuse should be put at an alarming point as there is an enormous budget spent on it while it should respond to other crucial Rwandan issues such as poverty reduction, education, health and others.

“Think about Rwf 7 billion which yearly spent on Iwawa Rehabilitation Center, think about all funds used by police to track drug users and dealers, imagine all budget used to treat those already affected, why are n’t you thinking about those jailed after being guilty of drug users? Think about those we lose after being killed by drug consumers, all these are few among countless consequences our Country is facing because of drugs. Birindabagabo added angrily.

One of contributors said that, the government should be careful as it is gossiped that some authorities supposed to fight drugs are among those who secretly involve in drug-deals.

“Our Government should be aware of some people who are in charge of fighting drugs at the same time they are those who promote them because they are corrupted, some of them are betrayals” one of the members said.

Drug abuse continues to be the biggest contributor to mental health challenges in the country. Figures from the National Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Ndera, indicate that in 2009, some 440 patients with alcohol and drug induced illnesses made consultation as compared to the 2804 in 2016.

Between 2013-2014, 3,920 files related to drugs were received and, from 2014-2015, the numbers went up to 4,308 files. From 2015-2016, 4,715 files were received while 5,659 files related to this crime were received in 2016/2017.

Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, State Minister in the Ministry of Health, said that there is a need of an intact collaboration of stakeholders to come up with tangible strategies to fight this “attack on the Nation.”

He further said that, drug abuse has individual negative impacts on consumer, his/her health, family, society as well as the whole Nation.




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