Nyagatare: Residents request the return of cultural party


Hakizimana Elias.

Residents from Nyagatare district have appealed for advocacy to quickly return the traditional cultural party since the platform had a lot in terms enriching Kinyarwanda language, the language that is also losing a lot of original content.

Singing, dancing, playing harps, beating drum, poetry, puzzles, storytelling cultural parties used to be attended by various ages where they could share beer and enrich Kinyarwanda language through such literature.

This culture has been shrinking gradually along with losing some Rwandan values such where men could grant cows each other as mutual pact.

Amos Nsengiyumva, a 45 years old man in Karangazi sector said cultural party contained richness of culture and native language which used to inculcate such culture in the young people.

“Men could play harps, beat drums, recite poems and puzzles, sing cows names, and then start grant cows to each other as part of strengthening pact. This was an opportunity of keeping Kinyarwanda language rich,” he said.

Rwanda cultural party could be held at night with celebrating and pledging performance contracts and could also serve as an opportunity to show dissatisfaction over bad values and misbehaviors in the community or those who lacked bravery in different circumstances.

Nsengiyumva said he last observed such cultural party when he was 12 years old in 1970 when he was studying in primary school two which he says was a precious culture that was inclusive.

“wives and their husbands, family and friends could gather in the party and learn to maintain the culture and original language,” he said.

We could follow and follow well-articulated language. Today very few cultural; parties are organized by communities and families. We hear them on radios, listen to recorded literature and praising cows during the parties is done without its presence, he raised.

He reiterated that foreign culture has chased local traditional culture and originality of Kinyarwanda language.

Gerald Bamvugubusa, a 58 years old man, the traditional cultural party has disappeared and therefore young people have no longer opportunity to learn from it except through radio performances.

“This also disturbed culture of love and conviviality contrary to the past,” he said.

Petronille Munganyinka, a 61 years old woman also added that cultural party needs advocacy for the return in its originality.

James Tuyiringire, a 18 year- old young man said he only learn from cultural party through Radios only.

“Young people are no longer speaking properly Kinyarwanda language since we no longer have cultural forums to learn it and its literature,” he said.

The mayor of Nyagatare district, David Mushabe said that cultural party is an important platform to learn Rwanda culture and language even though it is yet to be revived as wished by Rwandans.

He said that it should be looked how children in holidays, can always meet in such cultural parties which could also keep them away from bad vices.

So far cultural parties are mainly organized on Radios while other forms of parties include artists’ songs that usually use mixed languages which distort Rwandan culture and language.





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