Nyarugenge: Children question poor education and healthcare delivery 

Alexia Bizumuremyi.

Some children from Kanyinya Sector in Nyarugenge District met yesterday in an activity to share ideas on the fiscal year 2019/2020 budget planning and presented major challenges that still impede quality of education and deteriorate healthcare delivery.

These children were gathered together last week by Accountability for Children’s Right project that is implemented by Children’s Voice To Day (CVT) and The children’s funder on the European Union Fund.

They were coming from different localities of Kanyinya sector including Taba, Nyamweru and Nzove cells and they tried to gather together in associations such as ‘Twiteze Imbere’, ‘Inkomezamihigo’, etc.

Among the concerns they raised as threats to their welfare include poor education, giving an example of Nzove secondary school’s buildings that are old and lack electricity and playing ground.

They said that a number of teachers and classrooms is not enough and requested policy makers to consider these issues in the 2019/2020 budget.

Children gathered together in a group photo at Kanyinya sector in Nyarugenge District.

Regarding healthcare delivery, the children said they wish a number of nurses to be increased in Kanyinya Health Center as there are a huge reluctance in patients’ care.

Olivier Jabiro, the 17 year-old of senior two is also a citizen of Nzove cell in Nyabihu village. He pointed on shortage of nurses and teachers as the leading causes of poor healthcare delivery and poor quality of education.

“One teacher can be having five courses to teach two classrooms and serves only one classroom due to limited time. This contributes to children stunting in both skills and knowledge,” Jabiro said.

He said that patients suffer a lot when two nurses are busy, one in maternity and another in consultation.

Beline Nikuze, the 16 year-old from Taba cell recommended that the 2019/2010 budget should look at dropouts and other sensitive issues facing children. “I wish that this coming budget should help children who dropped out of school to go back and study,” she said.

Despite these challenges of poor quality of education and healthcare delivery, children lauded the efforts of the government to build Training and Vocational Training (TVET) School.

Rita Mukarugwiza, coordinator of Accountability for Children’s Rights project said that they will advocate for children’s opinions to be considered in the next year budget. The project caters for 5000 children and help them to raise their voice and share ideas about activities and programs of the government.

Justin Habarugira, the vice mayor in charge of social affairs in Nyarugenge District said that this programme of gathering children together to raise and share their concerns over the budget planning and implementation happens every year, where children get an opportunity to say the weaknesses and suggest solutions that are taken to the district’s council to be considered in performance of contracts.

Children gathered together at Kanyinya sector in Nyarugenge District last week to share their views on the budget 2019/2020 implementation.



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