Hinga Weze pioneers mobile input supply scheme to deliver inputs to smallholder farmers in remote area

By The Inspirer Staff.

Smallholder farmers especially in remote areas often face a serious challenge of inadequate yield due to poor access to agrochemicals like fertilisers. 

They often have to travel long distances to be able to acquire inputs, which causes delays and additional costs. Now this is set to change with the introduction of a mobile input supply scheme.  

Initiated by Hinga Weze, the scheme facilitates agro-dealers to deliver agrochemicals to farmer promoters in their respective remote localities, and are able to carry out demonstrations and coach farmers on usage.

In turn, the farmer promoters are able to buy the inputs are affordable prices and deliver them to farmers. The new arrangement also allows the farmer promoter to make a profit margin of FRW 200 per package of input delivered to farmers.

Farmer promoters will be able to gain Frw 200 on each bottle of input bought and delivered to farmers.

Pioneered in Karongi November 2, promoters appreciated the scheme describing it as “timely and responsive to their urgent need for agro chemicals”.

During the session carried out in a garden for easy demonstration, a set of farmer were introduced different pesticides and how to apply to affected plants. Another session was also organised to handpick fall army worm and also spray a section of the garden.

Chantal Ahishakiye, a farmer promoter is already experiencing the advantages of the supply scheme. Recently she delivered inputs to farmers in her cell of Musanzu with support from the local agro-dealer. The supplies include fertilizers and pesticides.

Chantal Ahishakiye, Farmer promoter.

Commenting on the scheme, Daniel Gies, the Hinga Weze Chief of Party, said the project “will work hard to ensure that farmers are able to access high-quality and affordable inputs for the coming years”.

Hinga Weze is a five year USAID funded program that ostensibly supports 560,000 smallholder farmers to improve their yield, increase income and nutrition’s intake for women and children.

Agrodealers of Hinga Weze following demonstrate on how to apply pesticides on Fall Army Worm.





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