UTB awarded to have integrated ICDL in its Curriculum

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University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) gets ICDL award after having been pioneer and champion of integrating this subject in their curriculum since last September 2018.

UTB is the first University in East, Central and South Africa to have adopted International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

UTB officials state that, it is in State’s Digitalizing Talent Policy that they have implemented this program to help their graduates be competent at labour market.

Dr Callixte Kabera, UTB Vice Chancellor stated that more than 15 lecturers have already got ICDL permits, and they are ready to serve students, their colleagues as well as anyone outside of Institution who wishes to get ICDL skills.

Dr Callixte Kabera, Vice Chancellor of UTB and Zulfat Mukarubega,founder of UTB receiving award offered by ICDL CEO Damien O’Sullivan.

“We already have our fifteen lecturers who are ICDL Certified, and they are ready to train their colleagues and everyone who is UTB graduate, ICDL is made up by 7 modules which enable its holder to be digital literate and be able to strongly use computer” Dr Kabera tells The Inspirer.

He furthermore said that, UTB values ICDL at a high level as it is the tool which makes everything going on well.

“UTB considers ICDL as a tool which helps us to operate everything efficiently, that is why all of our lecturers are now being trained so that they get certified in next two months,” Kabera says.

Kabera explaines that each graduate from UTB who is one year or two year certified will also leave the University with ICDL Certificate as a supplement.

Other entities including Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) were also awarded,

Damien O’Sullivan, the Chief Executive Officer of ICDL urges other present entities to adopt this program as it will boost Rwanda’s rapid development.

“Asia and other continents are using this Technology, Rwanda and Africa you can use it is as well as others are practicing it and it is boosting their development, it can increase different domain of development such as workforce and other fields” he notes.

UTB has eased the affordability of ICDL certificate, as every UTB student should pay $50 for ICDL certificates while other clients out of the University are charged $200.





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