Mutual agreement signed to boost job creation through Tennis game teaching

By Elias Hakizimana.

New agreement was signed last evening on October 25, 2018 between the Work force Development Authority (WDA) and Rwanda Federation of Tennis (FRT) to create further opportunities for youth employment through tennis sport development.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Jerome Gasana, the Director General of WDA said that WDA will contribute in following up on courses that will be offered to younger children in TENNIS classes.

“We will follow on and implement academic strategy as the government establishes regulations of this game. We will help the federation wherever and whatever we can. The school that will be training children will be good model in creating a strong generation of youth who are good at Tennis game,” said Gasana

He pledged to bring experts to teach children in Tennis to develop the sector.

The rationale

“We used to focus on other areas for job creation but now we realized that sport sector also needs our investment for job creation. We had signed a MoU with the Ministry of Sport and Culture and Ministry of Education supporting the idea to the capacity of Rwandans in Tennis sport. This partnership with Tennis Federation has been there since two years ago and we embark on tangible actions from verbal actions,” said Gasana.

He said that the school of Tennis has already started and that they will find ways of capacitating it.

The school has started with 16 children and the number is expected to increasing. Mobilization is ongoing to attract more talented children according to Dr Aimable Ndejuru, the Tennis teacher.

Gasana mentioned that Tennis comes besides other games like crickets, football, athletics, handball, swimming that are among the potentials that host opportunities for youth employment.

“A cricket player is one among the people who earn much money, we are looking where we can invest and get quick returns,” he noted.

Kassim Ntageruka, President of Rwanda Tennis Federation said that this partnership is a milestone that paves a way to the future Tennis gaming in Rwanda.

He pledged to have clear plan of actions before WDA starts working on the budget to support the initiative.

Jerome Gasana, the Director General of WDA shakes hands with Kassim Ntageruka, President of Rwanda Tennis Federation after signing MoU on October 25, 2018 in the Boardroom of WDA in Kigali.

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Elias Hakizimana

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