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  1. Introduction

RRLF is an ecumenical organization that was built under a consensus of various religions operating in Rwanda such as Islam, Catholic, Protestants and new born-again churches. The main idea of forming the RRLF was to adequately contributing to constructive ideas that would advise the government and the leadership of Rwanda on how to effectively respond on various issues (basic needs) which affects citizen’s lives in general, and especially low-income families, people in need, vulnerable and individuals at grassroots and community level.

RRLF seek to effectively play a significant role in the social and economic transformation of Rwanda and the society through mindset change, alleviating poverty, uplifting life standards of vulnerable and people in need, improving quality of service delivery for the community, advocating for economic development and governance issues. Beyond all, the RRLF ultimate aspiration is to promote sustainable peace through constructive dialogues, religion tolerance, unity and reconciliation and promotion of positive values and principals among Rwandans.

Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum (RRLF) secretariat has secured funds from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) under its Capacity Development and Employment Services Board (CD/ES). RRLF intends to use these funds to design its Five (5) year strategic plan.

  1. Scope of work

The scope and focus of the consultancy are to provide technical, strategic and facilitation support to enable the development of its Five (5) year strategic plan for Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum (RRLF) Secretariat under overall supervision of the Executive Director of the Forum.

  1. Description of the assignment
  • After an initial review of RRLF’s policy documents, relating to structure, finances, staff, management, history, activities and projects, aimed at identifying the current status of the organization, the consultant will develop an analysis framework and work plan to guide the assessment.
  • She/he will conduct a thorough, though focused assessment of the RRLF’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats, with a view to identifying appropriate strategic options for the 2019-2023 operational period.
  • The assessment will include development of strategic plan in particular goals and sub objectives.
  • Based on the analysis of the RRLF’s internal environment, she/he will provide a needs assessment, a capacity gap analysis and recommendations for the strengthening of the institution.
  • The consultant will also:
  1. Conduct individual interviews with key stakeholders, and
  2. Facilitate in-depth focus group/facilitated discussions, to identify the current status, future challenges and individual recommendations.
  • The use of participatory processes is expected. Critical reflection by staff, Board members and stakeholders is integral to this strategic planning initiative. As such, the Consultant is expected to provide for active and meaningful engagement of the RRLF staff members, partners and other stakeholders, including other relevant government representatives.
  • It is expected that data will be analyzed using a rigorous and transparent analysis framework, summarized and presented back to the RRLF secretariat to aid in prioritization of strategic directions. A key aspect of the consultancy is preparation for and facilitation of strategic planning workshop with the RRLF’s Board members and staff.
  • All data and the results of the workshop will be consolidated into a draft and finalized strategic document, including analysis and the presentation of metrics using a Theory of Change model and/or a balanced scorecard approach.
  • The strategic plan will:
    • Define/clarify mission, vision, values, objectives and strategy
    • Define strategic priorities and action plans
    • Develop more effective communication and collaboration
    • Develop an effective internal evaluation mechanism
    • Propose a financial reporting system
    • Propose M&E reporting system
    • Propose the 5 year activities budget
  1. Roles and responsibilities

The Consultant will be responsible for:

    • Preparation of a work plan and an appropriate Assessment Framework
    • Actively engaging with staff, Board members and other stakeholders through the use of participatory processes
    • Production of deliverables in accordance with the requirements and timeframes of the Terms of Reference.
  1. Expected Deliverables

The consultant will provide the following deliverables:

  • An Analysis Framework based on these Terms of Reference
  • Facilitation of the workshops
  • A strategic plan document including:
    • Executive summary
    • Background
    • Internal and External analysis
    • Strategic priorities
    • Metrics to assess progress made in the attainment of these strategic priorities (using Theory of Change and/or Organizational Balanced Scorecard and/or similar methodology)
    • Five (5) year Strategic plan
  1. Duration of the assignment

30 working days starting from 1st week of November 2018

  1. REQUIRED Qualifications & EXPERIENCE
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Project Planning, Economics, Business Administration, development studies or any relevant qualifications
  • Minimum five (5) years of experience in consultancy with Excellent knowledge and understanding of strategic Planning process
  • Excellent written and spoken skills in English
  • Excellent research, analytical and communication skills, both oral and written
  • The Consultant shall have knowledge of and/or proven expertise in:
  • Participatory approaches in conducting research and facilitating strategic planning processes
  • Familiarity with the Theory of Change approach and building organizational balanced scorecards
  • Strategic planning document preparation
  • Consultant CV and other supportive Evidence including similar work accomplished
  • Technical proposal, comprising proposed methodology and work plan;
  • Financial proposal
  • The application shall be in a well-sealed envelope and submit to the RRLF Head Office not later than 2nd November 2018.
  • The application shall be addressed to:The Executive Director,Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum (RRLF) Secretariat

    Kigali – Remera (Kisementi)

    KG 11 Avenue

    Opposite RBC Building, Next to Rubis Plaza Building

    Incomplete and late applications will be excluded from further consideration.

    Alexis Floris NKURUNZIZAExecutive Director

    Done on 12th October 2018 



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