UTB, Partners To Tackle Global Challenges Using Research

Desire Muhire.
University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) in partnership with Journal of Research Innovation and Implications in Education (JRIIE) will present research carried out in education to see how global challenges could be resolved through education.

The research will be demonstrated on this 24th October 2018, where over 100 researchers in High Institution from East Africa and South Africa will attend the event and share their observation on how research can be exercised to advance wellbeing of World population.

UTB vice chancellor Dr Callixte Kabera said that the research will lend a hand to policy makers, Non Government Organisations in their daily responsibilities of shaping a quality living society.

“The research we have conducted will enlighten where there is a gap in various domains, we have chosen to conduct it in quality education because, once education is better, other fields also are obviously improved. Healthcare challenges, climate change and other problems which are affecting global community are also tackled as long as educational advancement is attained.” Said Dr Kabera during a press conference on this October 23, 2018.

Furthermore, he said that research is one of High Institution duties and it will help global community which is struggling and facing an assortment of problems, such as poverty, scourge diseases, war, climate change, etc.

“Our community is facing so many challenges, as scholars we have to conduct research and propose solutions to policy makers so that our population and next generation live a better life.” He added.

UTB Staff and JRIIE repesentatives adressing the media during a press conference.

The event will be held under theme “Research and Innovation for Quality Living and Sustainable Development” Science and Technological Innovation for Quality Living and Sustainable Development, Good governance for sustainable development are two among other 12 sub-themes to be discussed.

Prof Ndiku, editor in-chief of JRIIE states that researchers are solutions to World’s challenges.

“The World is facing many challenges which cannot be solved by ordinary people, we as researcher we do not have time to rest, we have a huge work to crack those challenges scientifically.” Said Prof. Ndiku.

Along with the event, 39 Researchers from UTB will present their works in 12 sub-themes with the emphasis on the impact of quality in sustaining  citizen’s development and good health.          

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