New strategy to advance Rwanda’s industrial business inaugurated

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda’s National Industrial Research and Development Agency(NIRDA) has launched on Thursday October 11, 2018 a new business model dubbed ‘2.0’ to take local industries at next level and boost the sector profitability in terms of productivity and production.

Kampeta Pitchette Sayinzoga, Director General of NIRDA said that the new model will help to accelerate local industries’ profitability and help to continue improve quality and quantity of locally-made products especially those from garment and banana wine sector whose players are very eager to adopt the new technologies.

“NIRDA 2.0 is a new strategy to do things differently, to have a different model of doing business and to focus on the private sector a hundred percent, if you look at the backdrop, this is that NIRDA 2.0 should look like: it is modern industries, we want to show that even existing industries would able to benefit from this type of technology in the near future,” Kampeta explained.

Addressing industries owners, she highlighted that one of the challenges will remain to see how to modernize current industries to have a new look and to pitch new value chains and new industries within the new model. It is a drop and we believe it is possible and it is the reason why you are here today,” Kampeta noted.

Kampeta Pitchette Sayinzoga, Director General of NIRDA addressing various industrialists during the 2.0 launch.

Why the change?

Kampeta said that the change actually is for the leadership of the country in line with the national transformation agenda, new vision and new national strategy that looks on increasing the GDP per capita.

“The national economy is supposed to double; the question is from where? If we look at the broad band, the fastest growing sector is industry; it is a challenge to all of us, if you want to meet the goals of the new strategy, how is industry going to grow? It is a target also in terms of financing, industries have to meet the marks in contributing to domestic revenues, and there is a way to do it. As industries grow, the financing also grow, that is why we are here,” Kampeta said.

She commended the efforts of the government of Rwanda to fully invest in infrastructures in terms of electricity in special economic zone as this facilitates industrial development and said that they need to take it to the next level.

She requested young innovators and private industrialists to move with the new strategy and work with NIRDA. “We are here because we are the private sector, because we are young innovators, so, today it’s a call of partnership. Please don’t fear us,” she advised.

Kampeta also challenged financial institutions to find new ways of supporting young innovators and industries. “this advent has to translate into a highly great job for youth, that’s the main goal, how do we create start-ups, how do we translate this into jobs for youth,” she said.

“Jobs that are making sense, jobs that are the future of work, we do not want a Rwandan young innovator to think that there is something that goes on the waste, we have to see something that is alive and domesticated,” Kampeta said.

She further said that this next step will look at increasing domestic production, export and better income for youth.

During the 2.0 inauguration, 12 best industrialists who complied with the standards won $300.000 as recognition.

Recently, NIRDA has launched an open call initiative that was funded by UNIDO and KOIKA to help industries test the impact of technology in increasing and upgrading from supply capacities and meet the standards compliance.

Apart from the open calls, NIRDA will also focus on construction of two laboratories one being life science lab and knowledge management.

Director General of NIRDA announcing the winners of the open call initiative in the sectors of banana wine, garment among others.








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