Ngoma, Rwamagagana farmers to benefit from irrigation project

Elias Hakizimana.

Farmers in Ngoma and Rwamagana districts of the Eastern province are to benefit from a five-year technical project that aims at enhancing the resilience and securing the productivity in the agricultural sector.
Dubbed, “Project for Water Management and Capacity Building of Water Users Organisations in the Republic of Rwanda,” the project targets two main irrigation schemes in Eastern province constructed under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) grant aid projects.

It also aims at strengthening the capacity of Rwanda Agriculture Board staff in the area of irrigation water management and on how to assist and strengthen irrigation water users organisations.

Under the signed record of discussions for five projects on Thursday, the government of Japan will support the project by deploying experts in Rwanda, hosting Rwandans who will go to learn from the field in Japan as well as supplying equipment to support the implementation.

Dr Patrick Karangwa the Director of Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) reacted that the project will support the government’s target to increase the surface of lands to be irrigated.

“The government of Rwanda has invested much to increase the surface of lands that are irrigated. So far, we have 52,000 hectares and our target is to double in four years ahead. We expect that the grant will help to sustain irrigation activities as well as impacting the potential of beneficiaries and technicians about irrigation scheme,” Karangwa said.

According to JICA Chief Representative, Hiroyuki Takada, supporting agriculture sector brings significant impact to the improved welfare of people as the majority of their lives in farming activities.

JICA Chief Representative, Hiroyuki Takada and Dr Patrick Karangwa the Director of Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) signing a partnership/Frederic Byumvuhore.

“Agriculture sector plays a big role in the improvement of people’s welfare and that’s why we dedicate our efforts to support it. There is a need to build the capacity of farmers for efficiency of utilization of irrigation scheme. Basing on experience of the people from Japan, we want to contribute to the development of agriculture sector in Rwanda,” Hiroyuki said.

So far 300 hectares of land in Ngoma are already in operation under Ngoma 22 project while the second phase will rehabilitate Rwamagana marshland irrigation scheme. The activities are due to start in October this year.

JICA Chief Representative, Hiroyuki Takada and Dr Patrick Karangwa the Director of Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) shake their hands after signing/Frederic Byumvuhore.


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