Hon.Mukabalisa re-elected as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies

By Elias Hakizimana.

Members of Parliament – Chamber of Deputies have r-elected Hon. Donatille Mukabalisa as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, with 80 votes.

She comes from Liberal party (PL)

Hon.Donathile  Mukabalisa  is  the former speaker of the 3rd Assembly.

She re-elected after she has been fronted as the only candidate for the seat of the Speaker of Rwanda Chamber Deputies in the 4th Assembly of Rwanda Parliament Chamber of Deputies.

Hon. Edda Mukabagwiza from RPF Inkotanyi is elected Deputy-Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, in charge of Legal Affairs and control of Government Actions, with 75 votes.

Hon. Musa Fazil Harelimana of PDI Party is elected Deputy-Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, in charge of Finance and Administration, with 76 votes out of 80

RwandaParliamnt, Chamber of Deputies, is composed of 80 seats, including 53 seats for political parties, 24 for women representatives, 2 seats for youth and 1 seat for People with Disabilities.

Of the 80 lawmakers, 61.25% are women.

Speaking to the sworn-in members of Parliament, President Paul Kagame, he said they should work hard to ensure development of citizens.

He urged them to collaborate and make better progress.

“We expect you to hold government accountable for doing their job of serving citizens and delivering development. You interacted with citizens when you were asking for their votes. Now that you have been elected, remain close to citizens, serve them and deliver on the promises you made,” he told the sworn-in MPs.

He added: “This is not just about a ceremony. It is about starting a new mandate and committing to working hard. Rwandans have placed their trust in you to serve them and work towards transforming this country into what Rwandans want and deserve”.


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