Minister Busingye defines Religious Liberty, advising Churches to preach ‘viable things’  

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda’s Minister for Justice and Attorney General Johnston Busingye has urged Adventist-Christians and faith based organisations across the African Continent to preach viable messages that deliver development to the communities, families and their countries. 

Busingye was speaking yesterday September 15, 2018 at Amahoro National Stadium as the guest speaker during the celebration of 3rd African Union Festival for Religious Liberty, the ceremony that brought together people from across thirty countries on the continent, including Adventists leaders, Christians and their friends.

The event was held as the world was also celebrating the World Democracy Day.

“Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that when God created us and put us on this earth, He also equipped us with tools to make the choices on how we will worship him. Human being by nature has different ways of looking at things, different things they like and others they do not like, and this one is what makes us a diverse community of God”.

Because of those different choices, Busingye observed, if we go different ways in worshiping our God, that is what’s called Religion, that is what makes Religious freedom a very important cornerstone in our lives.

Busingye said he believes all religions probably preach love, respect to others, tolerance, and preach welfare of every member of the church (community) as common issues.

“Although Religion is for good, in history it has been a source of serious conflicts, and serious wars in the world, we want to believe that it has gone forever, we always want to believe like that although we still see those kinds of things in some places today in the world,” Busingye reiterated.

Diversity in beliefs, diversity in faith should be strength in the world that we live in; it should not be the source of conflicts and wars. That’s why I believe the governments and faith organizations need to find compromises in the whole reference of respect of the rights including Religious Liberty because the subject for faith organizations, governments, stand at the same targets, the same citizens of every country, Rwanda for example is 12 million people, all belong to one faith, so, we want to believe that governments and Religious organizations have a role to play in, because the subjects for whom they stand are the same,”Minister Busingye noted.

He further said the Religious liberty day is another day to celebrate how much religious freedom the African continent is enjoying right now.

He advised them not to preach in the way of delivering development and economic transformation of their communities by considering preaching as a silver bullet.

“There are people who preach deliverance in a way that is not effective. They preach lying to people that they can bring back to life their fellows who died.  They preach that patients will get cured of Malaria which is very serious on the African continent, instead of praying for them to get effective medicine to such a fatal disease,” Busingye warned.

He also expressed concern that there are people who easily believe in sermons that the issues of kwashiorkor and malnutrition as well as poverty affecting communities can get addressed through mere preaching, appealing to believers to combine prayer and tangible work, and profitable partnership between church and government so as to deliver good results.

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Elias Hakizimana

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