I don’t know any country that has gone through prayers and deliver Development:Minister Busingye

By Elias Hakizimana.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General of Rwanda Johnston Busingye pointed on Churches and Christians who only believe in praying without working to get the welfare.

The Minister was addressing thousands of Adventist-Christians and their fellow friends who were gathered yesterday September 15, 2018 at National Amahoro Stadium of Rwanda during the festivity of 3rd African Union festival for Religious liberty.

“I don’t know any country that has gone through prayers only seven days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year, all the times and deliver development, I believe that there should be fair compromise, the message that they have got from prayer made these countries to work up to when they deliver development we can see they have now,” Busingye reiterated.

He revealed the challenge  Christians face while preaching

“So, the challenge for all of us Christians is: “Are we delivering the message that takes Africa where Africans need to be with the agenda 2063? Because Africa does not need to be here because it was here in the 50s, in the 40s and in the 30s. why should it remain here? So, what do we do? What is our special role? What is our contributory role as faith based organizations in drive of Africa towards taking it to where the agenda 2063 asks us to be?

There are many countries who are like we are today in the 50s, what can we do? What message can we deliver to our Christians that will deliver them the development they want in their families, in their churches, in their countries, I think for Africa we really need to have those conversations very seriously so that we don’t spend another 50 years praying only. No, I think we should pray and deliver roads, services which our people need to develop,” He said.

He told Christians and Religious organizations that God will need to hear from a good report of what they did on earth. “When we tell Him (God) that we told people to pray 24 hours a day until they came home with jiggers in their feet then God will not mark what we did,” Minister Busingye noted.





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Elias Hakizimana

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