Why is land and forestry ministry revising 2004 National Land Policy?

By Michel Nkurunziza.

The Government of Rwanda through the the Ministry of Lands and Forestry has started to revise 2004 National Land Policy with aim to support the socio-economic transformation of Rwanda.

MINILAF discussed the Draft Land Policy 2018 with stakeholders on 5th September 2018, during a thematic working group meeting.

The new policy is expected to be approved before the end of this year.

The Permanent Secretary of MINILAF Musabyimana Jean Claude said that the revision of the land policy aims to support the socio-economic transformation of Rwanda.

“We are revising the Land Policy that is in force since 2004. We have been working under this policy for about 15 years. Now it is time to look back and assess if the 2004 document is still up to date.” He said

Musabyimana says that the implementation of the 2004 policy faces some challenges which is why the Government has decided to revise it.

“We want to align the Land policy with the new National Strategy for Transformation which is now our national planning framework, under which we will be working up to 2024.” He added

Highlighting the some of the reasons behind the revision of 2004 Land Policy.

The Permanent Secretary mentioned a need to reinforce effective land use, mapping and surveying.

According to him, the new policy will also reinforce compliance to the available masterplans and address the competing priorities across sectors, especially the issues of encroaching the agricultural land.

“We also want to address the issue of the increasing informal land transaction, and to support the rapid urbanization of our country and the need of land for investment. These are some of the issues we are facing in the implementation of the 2004 policy. We want to address them in order to support the transformation of our country.” He said

The Thematic Working Group meeting brought together the Ministry of Lands and Forestry and all its affiliated agencies, development partners, civil society organizations, Private sector, Representatives of Districts and other key stakeholders involved in the land activities.



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