Gasabo: Rwandans vote for Members of Parliament of the next five years

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwandans are voting for Members of parliament to represent them in the Lower House chamber and help them to fast track the sustainable development in the next five-year mandate.

Citizens who are voting at Petit-Stade polling station at Remera in Gasabo District appreciate the electoral process, saying that challenges of missing out of the polling lists they had experienced were handled.

Francois Bakorozi, 76, is one of the voters who has been at the site. The Inspirer approached him as he finishes to vote and said he found everything fair.

“Good progress,” he said, adding that he expects the winners to continue sustaining the development of the country.

“We request them to maintain hygiene in Kigali city and countrywide, to fight against corruption, injustice and strive for boosting all developmental initiatives,” Bakorozi added

Lewis Patrick, another electorate said he did not experience any difficulty in voting as he entered himself and voted freely.

“We have voted the members of the parliament to go to stand for us where we cannot be, I just want them to improve on what has been done. The achievements are averagely satisfactory but not at hundred percent. In law enactment, they need to do what citizens want instead of satisfying their wishes,” Lewis said.

Inshuti Henriette Dorcas, said she finally found opportunity to vote after she was challenged by missing her name on the electoral list.

“I had a worry that my name was not on the list but I finally voted as they allowed me to be on additional list. Myself as a teacher, I want that MPs who we are voting can advocate for teachers’ welfare and quality of education. We want them to increase infrastructures of energy, water and many more,” Inshuti said.

According to Emmanuel Murenzi, NEC employee and the site coordinator, the first citizen has voted just at 7:00 am and a number of voters is growing gradually.

Women are participating in a big number comparing to men.

He said the site has both local and international electoral observers and there is no challenge occurring at the moment.

The general polls that has kicked off in Rwanda on September 3, 2018 are continuing until 3:00 pm and the provisional votes results are supposed to be proclaimed this evening at 5 pm.

Henriette Inshuti Dorcas after voting.
Bakorozi after voting puts his voting paper in reserved place. (Amani Ntakandi)  
A citizen having a sign oh her finger after voting.
Citizens participating to the polls. 
NEC Employee and site coordinator at Petit stade parking near Amahoro stadium said electoral process is good.

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Elias Hakizimana

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