Green Party Candidates promise solutions to Rwandans who experience struggles in Mituelle de Santé

By Elias Hakizimana.

Parliamentary candidates of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda promise to bring solutions to most of Rwandans who use to face difficulties related to health insurance scheme ‘Mituelle de Sante’ especially in registration, utilization, renewing and adding a new born that take a long process and involve waste of time.

Green Party’s candidates have been on September 1, 2018, addressing citizens of Kimironko sector in Gasabo District of Kigali City, Rwanda’s capital city about their manifesto as the parliamentary polls get to an end with only one day remains to vote the members of Rwanda’s parliament.

Peter Nduwayezu, a commissioner in charge of Democracy and governance in the party who is also one of the candidates said that they will amend the law that establish health insurance (Miturelle de Sante) so that a patient can start using his card soon after paying without waiting for the current 30 days.

Other challenges that the party wants to solve through the amendment of this law include the obligation of paying for all the members of the family to be given a Mituelle de Sante card, impeding most of the people with low capacity to pay for all their family members at once.

“One can have 8 members and has only the capacity to pay for three at the first time, we will advocate for this and allow these three start using their cards while the family representative is looking for other money to pay for five people who remain,” Nduwayezu said.

Another challenge under this law is when it comes to adding a new born to the current family members that is still an issue. To address the issue, Green party candidates pledge to increase the period of three months to twelve months that currently allows a new born to use the mother’s card.

Poor medical treatment

Nduwayezu mentioned the issue of poor healthcare services given to Mituelle de Sante users, posing them to be given not enough medicines and instead transferred to commercial pharmacies outside the hospital/health facility to buy them at high cost.

“We will advocate for this so that everyone who uses the Mituelle de Sante card will be given enough medicines at every health facility,” he said.

The party has 55 candidates who are contesting for the 53 seats in the 80-member Lower House of Rwanda’s parliament.

Dr Frank Habineza, President of Democartic Green Party requesting for votes in Nyabisindu cell, Kimironko sector in Gasabo District.


Dr Frank Habineza, President of Democartic Green Party requesting for votes in Nyabisindu cell, Kimironko sector in Gasabo District.  


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