Tuyishimire testifies how he became a millionaire thanks to RPF good governance

By Elias Hakizimana.

Evariste Tuyishimire from Rusororo sector of Gasabo district has only acquired knowledge from secondary school and joined Vocational Training Schools in Bamboo production and now has managed to own a company worth Rwf 6million.

The 20-year-old millionaire was giving testimony in Rugende valley in Rusororo sector on August 30, 2018 as the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) brings its parliamentary campaign to the citizens of Rusororo and Ndera sectors.

Tuyishimire said that he heard from a phone call from the Ministry of Land and Forestry telling him good news that he was given an opportunity to go to China to learn more about Bamboo tree production.

“The ministry gave me a passport to allow me travel to China to acquire advanced training in bamboo tree production. I passed two months in China and I came a week ago to campaign with RPF because the entire wealth I have now came from the good governance of RPF-Inkotanyi,” Tuyishime narrated.

I own a company worth Rwf 6 million and twelve employees, seven girls and five boys. They are able to pay Health Insurance and monthly security fees. Besides, I have three bank accounts: Equity, BPR and SACCO in which I have saved Rwf4 million thanks to RPF’s good governance, He added.

According to Stephen Rwamurangwa, the Chairman of RPF in Gasabo District, Rwandans are urged to vote for RPF Parliamentary candidates who have committed to amend laws by basing on citizens’ needs and wishes in the next five-year mandate of members of parliament (PMs).

Water scarcity issue has been raised by citizens of Rusororo sector and many more in Gasabo District but Rwamurangwa said that RPF will continue boosting initiatives of increasing water and electricity countrywide.

He said that there are many projects currently aiming at expanding infrastructure and many more are expected to be implemented in the next budget of five-year mandate once they win elections.

“we plan to tackle water scarcity issue and end it by 2020,” said Rwamurangwa.

Evariste Tuyishimire giving testimony how RPF paved his way towards self-reliance.


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