Liberal party pledges to strive for an Improved Tourism Sector

By Elias Hakizimana.

Parliamentarian candidates of Liberal Party (PL) have promised to advocate for efficient capacity of workers under the tourism sector in Rwanda in order to boost foreign incomes.

The message was delivered by PL President Donatille Mukabalisa to Kayonza District’s citizens on August 26, 2018 at Nyamirama football ground during an ongoing electoral campaign rallies of Members of Parliament (MPs) who are seeking for votes.

She said this while admiring the development of Akagera National Park that hosts beautiful wildlife and promised to increase its development.

As it gains seats in the parliament, Mukabalisa said that Liberal party will strive to advocate for capacity of workers who are employed in tourism sector so that they offer good service to tourists who brings the money to the country.

She mentioned that there are many achievements of the government in developing the sector, noting that there is still a journey to go to boost the sector that is able to generate more income to the country.

“A lot have been done but we have not yet attained the goal, we need to boost tourism and attract more visitors to increase foreign incomes. Increasing capacity to workers in tourism sector will motivate them to offer better services which will also promote Rwanda’s tourism,” said Mukabalisa.

The party’s parliamentary candidates also pledged to advocate for local finished produce of mines with an added value that will make much money when exported.

They promised to advocate for technology and research in Agriculture in order to increase the production.

“We will advocate for research to find out good seeds of beans, soja and rice that are productive on small scale lands. We will advocate for improved agro-processing, industry development and agriculture development in Kayonza District and countrywide to bridge import-export gap,” Mukabalisa said.

The party has put forward 80 candidates for the 53 seats in 80-seat parliament. PL had five MPs in the last parliament term 2013-2018 while RPF and PSD had 41 and seven respectively.

Parliamentary general elections are slated for September 2-3 to decide on 53 seats. Other 27 seats for women, youth and people with disabilities will be decided on September 4.

PL MP-Candidates at Kayonza.
PL parliamentary candidates campaigning at Kayonza.


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