PL to advocate for Ubudehe categories revision


Liberal Party (PL) has promised to advocate for the revision of Ubudehe categorisation.

Ubudehe scheme categorises citizens according to their financial capacities.

PL made the promise on Thursday as it campaigned in Gatsibo and Nyagatare districts. The party is seeking seats in the parliament’s Lower House.

PL President Donatille Mukabalisa said the party will pursue programmes that alleviate poverty and help citizens graduate from categories to others on a higher financial stage.

PL President Donatille Mukabalisa addressing people during the campaign.

She said their Members of Parliament (MPs) will strive to have adequate Ubudehe categories and ensure the vulnerable receive due support.

“That is something we shall follow up and make sure there are programmes aiming at taking people from one category to a better one,” said the former Speaker of the Lower House dissolved a fortnight ago.

The current four Ubudehe categories of Rwandans were drawn up in 2016. There are 376,192 households in first and poorest category. The category has 1,480,167 in 2016 equivalent to 16% of the country’s population.

The second category has 703,461 households comprised of 3,077,816 people equivalent to 29.8% of the population.

Category three has 1,267,171 households of 5,766,506 members equivalent to 53.7% of the population. Category four has 11,664 households with 58,069 people equivalent to 0.5% of the population.

The categories have caused public outcry with most complaining that they are in categories above their means. The categories are considered for the social protection schemes, for schools’ scholarships and community-based health insurance also known as Mutuelle de Santé.

Jean Mugabire, a participant in PL campaign in Karangazi Sector of Nyagatare District, suggest Ubudehe categories be ignored for some services such as university scholarships.

He said the categories exclude students in some categories from benefiting government support yet their families are not able to afford higher education costs.

PL also stressed on developing agriculture and livestock sector and empowering the cell level of local government.

The party has put forward 80 candidates for the 53 seats in 80-seat parliament. The 53 are also sought by an RPF-lead coalition of seven parties, four other parties apart and four independent candidates.

PL had five MPs in the last parliament term 2013-2018 while RPF and PSD had 41 and seven respectively.

Parliamentary general elections are slated for September 2-3 to decide on 53 seats. Other 27 seats for women, youth and people with disabilities will be decided on September 4.


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