Environmental experts  meet to discuss ways of protecting Ecosystem Services

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda has hosted an international conference on environment, energy and development (ICEED 2018) that is aiming to sustain the benefits of ecosystem services across the world.

The conference was organized by UNILAK under the theme: “Sustaining the Benefits of Ecosystem Services” and brought together officials from Rwanda Ministry of finance and economic planning (MINECOFIN), Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and various experts in environment and ecosystem protection across the world including Japanese and Chinese delegates.

Speaking during the conference, Claudine Uwera, the State minister for Ministry of finance and economic planning (MINECOFIN) said that the research of UNILAK was to see how the wealth can cater for sustainable environment through all economic activities around the country.

“This research was aiming at working together to look for economy that cater for environment through our economic activities including harvesting forests and we have to be confident that in ten years we will be having same produce. We need to think of how to prevent pollution and think on sustainable welfare for every Rwandan,”

She noted that the current situation allows to harvest forests by regulating environment and climate change issues.

“We can’t ignore the role of forests in regulating environment, as the theme highlights, let our environment gives us all we need to use in our economy but we have to make sure that the way we use them has balanced in terms of economy so that our future generation will also enjoy them,” Uwera said.

Engineer Coletha Ruhamya, Director General of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) said that for REMA to attain to sustainable ecosystems services , it is better to do such research to be able to plan for future policies.

“It is our responsibility to rely on research findings to be able to achieve sustainable development. The research helps us to evaluate ourselves, what we have achieved and plan for future activities. It helps us to boost out policies as REMA and MINIRENA to have improved policies to use our natural resources in a sustainable way that takes into account our future generation,” said Ruhamya.

Eng Ruhamya said that every citizen is required to have a role in this initiative by protecting environment when exploiting the natural resources such as in mines.

Rwanda remains committed to the promotion of green economy as a strong foundation to its sustainable development.

The promotion of Green Economy is enshrined in the National Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy as well as the country’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Rwanda has expressed its commitment to pursue a “green economy” approach to economic transformation through exploiting new green economic opportunities. This will reduce economic costs, create jobs and have large positive environmental impacts


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Elias Hakizimana

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