Ensuring deliciousness, quality and service: The focus of Pedro’s Coffee

Ensuring deliciousness, quality and service: The focus of Pedro’s Coffee

Most food and beverage consumers would appreciate the quality and taste as well as the aroma of what is being served on a table.

Not only that, quality beyond safety and good customer care service are paramount according to Pedro’s Coffee, a family owned Rwandan single-sourced coffee brand from the highly decorated Muyongwe Coffee Washing Station (CWS) in Gakenke District, Northern Province of Rwanda.

The company is a product of Mr Jean Paul’s (aka ‘Pedro’) vision of disrupting the local market by offering superior quality and service. Mr Jean Paul, with more than 30 years of experience in the field under his belt, is the founder of the largest Rwandan-owned coffee exporter, CBC Ltd (Coffee Business Center).

“We offer superior quality and service to all our customers. We focus on cultivating and maintaining close personal relationships with all our customer base, be it hotels, restaurants or even households, thus our limited visibility in supermarkets. This is primarily why we offer a free delivery service to anyone that buys our coffee, regardless of the quantity purchased.” Loic Rwagasana, Managing Director.

Muyongwe CWS, the CBC owned sourcing partner of Pedro’s Coffee, has been the recipient of various Cup of Excellence awards for the past 11 years, finishing 1st overall in 2007 and 2015.

Pedro’s Coffee has the ability to cater for each individual needs, be its different roasting degree levels with efficient bad sizes. The company’s regular roasting of small batches for each other ensures a superiorly fresh, complex and delicious cup of coffee.

Co-operating with famers

According to Pedro, hundreds of farmers and dozens of cooperatives directly contribute Pedro’s Coffee supply chain via CBC. These farmers are regularly trained and educated how to grow the best coffee possible so as to maintain the highly appreciated quality of the brand.

These practices ensure a higher farmer revenue share for the better quality of coffee cherries that they supply to Muyongwe CWS, which hence provides higher chances for better livelihoods.

Women thoroughly hand-picking a dedicated batch for Pedro’s Coffee at the CBC Dry Mill

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