Good Samaritans to worship, fight drug abuse and give free eye care treatment in Rwanda

By Elias Hakizimana.

A group of worshipers and evangelists of the gospel from Save our Soul (SOS-Adventure) are in Rwanda to worship the word of God, campaign against drug abuse and give free eye care treatment for 6,000 people who will be given eyeglasses.

They will also give free health insurance to 1,500 people and provide shoes for children.

The walk against drug abuse is scheduled on this Wednesday July 25, 2018 at from ONATRACOM to Tapis Rouge-Nyamirambo.

According to Johannes Amritzer, Founder and Evangelist of SOS-Adventure, they have a clear plan to stop drug abuse among the youth and other addicted people.

“This is a whole issue for us, we want to address teen challenge and a drug abuse is a consequence of something, from my experience, drug abuse is on the rise and is among the reason why we are here. I came from a nation called “Austria” where more than 55,000 people die from drug abuse, addicted people with drug abuse need attentive care, they need be approached and be talked to and then the holy spirit heals them,” said Amritzer.

Evangelists in SOS-Adventure

Pastor Claver Kabandana, legal representative of Assemblies of God in Rwanda and coordinator of SOS Adventure explained to the media yesterday that whoever will manage to be in Kigali regardless of where he comes from will benefit from the eye treatment and glasses as well as other gifts.

Samedi Theobald, vice president of SOS Adventure in Rwanda said that the treatment does not require money or health insurance because Jesus has paid. The gifts of health insurance, he said, will be given to most vulnerable citizens “we partnered with vice mayors and gave us a list of most vulnerable citizens from sectors and they will help us in this activity,” Samedi said.

Fernando Decarvalho, Director of SOS Adventure in the world said that they have partnered with Rwandan medic doctors who will be coordinating the treatment activity while foreign doctors will be evaluating.

All these activities are scheduled from July 25, 2018 to July 29, 2018. The activities will complement current initiatives of Government of Rwanda to offer treatment to eye patients, fight against drug abuse and help people get health insurance.

(Left-Right, Pastor Claver Kabandana, Julia Willkander, Festival Music Director in SOS Adventure, Majo Ekundayo, Evangelist in SOS, Johannes Amritzer, Founder of SOS Adventure, Fernando Decarvalho, Director of SOS AdVENTURE and Samedi Theobald, vice preseident of SOS-Adventure briefing the press on ongoing activities.


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