RCVD recognized best cow farmers

By Elias Hakizimana.

Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD) recognized best cow farmers who succeeded to the competition of having cows with high milk quantity.

The initiative that took place during the recent Agri-show closing at Mulindi-Gasabo District recognized three best farmers.

Domina Dusabe is the best awarded farmer whose cow’s name Mbabazi, a crossbreed genetic from jazz and fusion gives 38 littles of milk per day.

Domina Dusabe stands proudly beside her lactating cow “Mbabazi” which won the milking competition with 38L per day. She is 50% Crossbreed of Jersey and Friesian.

Kayiranga Kamanzi Jean Bosco was the second best farmer whose cow’s name Muhinde gives 28 littles per day.

Alex Kayiranga was the 3rd, he was also recognized for his cow “Mariza” that gives 26 littles per day. They all went away with pleasant prizes including basic animal feeds package, medicines, pumps, sprayers, etc.

Dr Claire Tumushabe, RCVD Vice-Chairman mentioned that cows have a significant and vital role for human beings, including nutrition improvement and source of economic development.

“We all know the role of livestock development in the country, it is in this regard we are training professional veterinary doctors to help farmers improve cow breeds and increase milk production,”

Different partners supported the initiative and among them are Sarura, Agrovet, RABSCO, Megavet, Uburumbuke, Duhinge Tworore Neza and Gorilla Feed among others.

The move was to boost farmers’ capacity in order to increase milk production through best animal feeding and disease protection practices.

The cows that are giving high quantity of milk are Crosses of Jersey and Fresians.

Dusabe’s lactating cow.


The move was to boost farmers’ capacity to increase milk production through best animal feeding and disease protection practices


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