Young entrepreneurs urged to serve clients diligently

By Elias Hakizimana.

Young entrepreneurs were reminded to serve their clients with carefulness in order to achieve the goals of the Chamber for Young Entrepreneurs (CYE) after electing new leadership in February 2018.

The call was made in Kigali on June 29, 2018 by the Chairman of the Chamber Patrick Buchana during the chamber’s general Assembly 2018.

“This General Assembly was to call members on board and share ideas after we were elected in February as new leadership, and we have a lot of goals we want to achieve in the chamber, especially using technology to revamp the way we give service, but also be able to upgrade our members’ achievements and see where they have reached and also know kinds of partnership do we need to have as we move forward,” said Buchana.

Chairman of the Chamber Patrick Buchana during the chamber’s general Assembly 2018.

Buchana said that the partnerships are based on the needs, he said that technology will be a good kit to serve better their members and also to call members to remember the promises they made in terms of growing their companies.

“They are young, yes, but their companies need to grow.  We need be able to accommodate new or young companies, we have many objectives as a chamber and we want to make sure that they are well-communicated to our members and that members are committed to support us as well and we can be able to fit into the national transformation speed that our country has,” said Buchana.

Some challenges they face

Buchana mentioned that one of the challenges include lack of information to rural youth who do not even know about PSF but will soon be reached out. He also said that companies still have limited access to capital to be able to grow into fast and biggest companies, plus the issue of skills to set up management structures. “we do also have that challenge and we are trying to address it,” he mentioned.

“As a chamber we want to be able to set up guidelines to train our members and know what it takes them to become viable companies, so, we want to guide them and make sure that every company within our chamber has minimum requirements to be able to raise money, to pitch the partnerships and improve the structure,” Buchana said.

He added that almost each company should have its finances in line, its management, and aboard, be able to pay taxes, etc.

He recommended the young entrepreneurs to be near their clients and serve them diligently.





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Elias Hakizimana

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