Marasa Umubano Hotel renovates shelter for genocide survivor as it remembers its slain employees

By Elias Hakizimana

Chrysostom Ntagengerwa’s life was not good as a genocide survivor because he was living in bad conditions and a small, old and risky house.

Ntagengerwa lives in Kimihurura Sector, Kimihurura Cell in Ubumwe Village. He experienced the worst conditions of staying in the decrepit and shaky house.

The 68-year-old man is now happy for the new transformed two room-house with a bathroom, latrine plus an extra shopping room to help him find his daily survival.

Ntagengerwa’s old house. He is now happy as he gets a descent shelter.

The facility was provided by Marasa Umubano Hotel’s staff and its overall renovation costs Rwf 3 million.

Marasa Umubano Hotel staff were remembering 13 former hotel’s employees.

“I am very happy to get this good shelter, my previous house was the worst among others of my neighbours, the rainwater used to penetrate inside every day and once it happened that the walls can fall down. The social affairs in charge in the sector promised me support to get the new shelter,” said Ntagengerwa.

Chrysostome Ntagengerwa happy for the new shelter.

He says the shopping room annexed to his shelter will help him tackle poverty related issues.

“Life was not good with the previous shelter but now I can rent part of my newly revamped house to people for me to survive,” he said.

Joel Uwizeye, Director Corporate Affairs in Madhivan Group Rwanda-Marasa Umubano_Hotel said that they collaborate with Ibuka — the umbrella of genocide survivors’ organisations — to know the needy survivors to be supported.

“In fact, the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi left a bad history to Rwandans. As Malasa Umubano Hotel, we value building resilience for genocide survivors,” said Uwizeye.

Patricie Murekatete, Executive Secretary of Kimihurura Sector said that they have tried to help people get decent shelters including Ntagengerwa.

In the sector, Murekatete observed, there were only four survivors who have not houses, pointing out that two of them are soon to get accommodation.

After visiting Ntagengerwa, Marasa Umubano Hotel staff made a walk to remember, and held genocide commemoration talks at the hotel’s garden.

Staff employees of Marasa Umubano Hotel during the work to remember.

“As part of this country now, we cannot ignore what happened 24 years ago. Most of the people around the world cannot have the real picture of Rwanda after the genocide of 1994,” said Peters.

“Today, we wanted to share a moment of remembering colleagues, sisters, brothers, children, spouses and parents perished during the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. We must use this terrible history as a platform for intercultural exchange, so that it can never be repeated again,” he added.

Peters noted that every year they will commemorate with family members of their former employees in order to maintain the legacy of the never again Genocide in Rwanda.

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