€8million EU project to capacitate Rwanda’s Justice sector

By Elias Hakizimana.

The European Union (EU) has dedicated €8million project for Rwandan justice sector through the Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) and the Office of the Ombudsman to help deliver effective justice services.

The four-year project will start on July 1st 2018 and will be much effective towards increasing capacity for the justice sector and the Office of the Ombudsman to deliver justice services to every citizen and address issues of injustice and corruption countrywide.

It was launched by the Minister of justice Johnston Busingye, Deputy Ombudsman Yankulije Odette and EU Ambassador to Rwanda Nicola Bellomo during the extra-ordinary justice sector working group meeting they held in Kigali on June 20, 2018.

Busingye said that the project will accelerate citizens’ access to justice and will capacitate the Office of the Ombudsman to effectively advocate for justice and fight against corruption.

Minister of Justice and Rwanda’s Athorney General Busingye Johnston addressing participants to the consultative justice sector meeting on Wednesday June 20, 2018.

He noted that all these initiatives have been in place but required a lot of financial capacity.

“We want to avail justice services and reach out every Rwandan even at the village level. In our current capacity, we have three MAJ staff at every district who approach citizens in sectors to understand issues of the citizens in partnership with Civil Society Organisations and they try their best in our capacity.

With this project’s inputs, we will cover a big place and reach to more beneficiaries, we will increase information documents and learn from other countries’ best practices using the project’s funds,” Busingye said.

Yankurije Odette, the Deputy Ombudsman said that the office of the Ombudsman always wants to increase its institutional capacity and engage citizens to its activities to achieve the zero injustice and corruption.

In line with its contribution to the accountability democratic governance in Rwanda, Yankulije said that the justice sector needs to approach beneficiaries to effectively achieve its responsibilities, noting that this requires enough capacity as the current capacity to handle that is not enough.

“We currently do it with available capacity but is not done as we wish it to be, it is the reason why in this project there is a plan of activities to approach citizens, educate them and avail materials that will facilitate us to work with them in a faster manner,” said Yankulije.

Yankurije Odette, the Deputy Ombudsman said that the office of the Ombudsman always wants to increase its institutional capacity and engage citizens to its activities to achieve the zero injustice and corruption.

She noted that the project will help the office of the Ombudsman to fast track the implementation of the information law, training on the law and its awareness to the citizens.

European Union Ambassador to Rwanda Nicola Bellomo said that they are proud to support the progress of justice sector to serve the citizens diligently.

“This project is part of the EU support to Rwanda and is addressing democratic governance, access to justice and upgrade the capacity of a number of institutions including the Ministry of justice , the office of the Ombudsman and parliament, thanks to this EU contribution and we opt we will be able to upgrade the capacity of these entities, delivering access to justice and rule of law as key pillars of development strategies of the country and we are proud to support this process as European Union,” said Nicola.

Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye Officially opening the justice sector working group meeting while Nicola, EU Ambassador and Yankulije, Deputy Ombudsman look on.
(Left-Right, Minister of Justice and Athorney general Johnston Busingye, Odette Yankulije, Deputy Ombudsman and Nicola , EU Ambassador to Rwanda posing for a photo).


Participants to the consultative justice sector meeting.

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