Civil Society engagement in budget planning to boost food security and nutrition

By The Inspirer Staff.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) need to engage in national budget making process within the national and decentralized budgets on food security and nutrition.

In this regard, Rwanda Development Organization (RDO) will on Thursday May 24, 2018 hold a workshop in Kigali on the role of the civil society to attain this objective.

Rwanda Development Organization believes that there is a need to have a number of civil society organizations that understands fundamental principles of engaging the government on budget policy making and on equal distribution of wealth and resources through allocation of the budget and spending on usual needs and priorities of citizens such as food security and nutrition.

According to the World Bank, the National Budget is a vital economic policy instrument. It is also essential to the sustainability of government programs in any given country.The Budget reflects the choices the government has made to realize the countries’ social and economic agendas.

It is a fundamental tool in the implementation of public policy and a more telling indicator of the priority accorded to fighting poverty and developing the nation.

The national budget is also an annual plan which shows how much money government thinks it will receive in the next year and what it will spend that money on. This shows that the budget has two sides, namely the Revenue and Expenditure sides.

The engagement of civil society in the budget formulation processes in Rwanda is increasingly being viewed important for strengthening people’s empowerment.

RDO says that “Despite efforts that have been deployed by various actors, the budget work in Rwanda continue to be a government issue while it should be more civil society thing due to the fact that budget is a tool of resource and wealth distribution among citizen and a tool for development. The national and district budgets are “a process, not an event that closely involves people in the economic, social, cultural and political process that affect their lives”.

It is from this background that the Rwanda Development Organization under funding support from the SNV, are organizing a one-day workshop on the engagement of civil society organization in the budget making process of Rwanda with a focus on food security and nutrition, involving communities in the budget formulation and prioritization process at grass root level and demanding budget transparency and accountability.

The overall objective of this workshop is to engage and introduce civil society and community-based organizations in to the government budget making process and demanding accountability of budget expenditures with focus on food security and nutrition

Other results include the creation of a CSOs network on demanding budget transparency and accountability on food security and nutrition, awareness raising of members of the civil society and community-based organization on government budget making process and the role of civil society in the budget formulation and prioritization process as well as having a team of trainers that will help civil society to embrace the work on the national budget and district budgets with focus on food security.


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Elias Hakizimana

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