17-year-old high school student recognized for best innovation idea

By Elias Hakizimana

Yasipi Casmir Uwihirwe, a senior six-student in Mathematics-Physics and Chemistry at Lycee de Kigali (LDK) was recognized by Yes High School Awards last Friday May 12, 2018 as she became the best high school student innovator.

Yasipi moved away with Rwf150,000 cash prize and a new smart phone after winning the Yes Award second edition 2018, the prize that she said is a motivation for her to nurture her innovation.

The young student from Kagugu Sector in Gasabo District said the award was a young start-up project for high school students where they present business ideas that impact the community.

“My project is called “idea network” or “I Net” it is a mobile application and job creation platform. It can help people who have entrepreneurship ideas to know what it can take to get to the final goal, the way it came up to succeed is that it is very significant towards job creation and it is easy for implementation,” Yasipi said.

Yasipi Casmir Uwihirwe receiving the envelop of Rwf150,000 cash prize. Umunyana Shanitah 1st Runner-Up of Miss Rwanda 2018 who were a student at LDK contributed at Yasipi awarding ceremony.

Her application is still progressing to be implemented just for bringing solutions to the community’s needs. She designed it herself.

“I did it myself during an entrepreneurship leadership camp last year. They were challenging us to think more about the community and how we can contribute to its betterment through using our knowledge to generate solutions. It’s from there I undertook this idea,” she said.

“This is like an inspiration which will show that what I have done was not something like a joke, rather a motivation and a sure start for my project that can push me to reach further,” she added.

The young lady student plans her future to be brilliant after her studies, where she wants to orient her talent in Technopreneurship.

Yasipi Casmir Uwihirwe during interview with The Inspirer.

“I want to be a business woman, but doing the business related to technology, a business part with technological products starting with this mobile application, I will not just stop this from the high school, I will be continuing this and design softwares as I am doing MPC, Mathematics, Physics and Computer, it will be my environment actually, that’s where I am heading to,” Yasipi noted.

In normal life, the teenager likes reading and making a lot of engine searching on websites.

Inspiring other students

“Our classmate was awarded by Yes Conference because of her project, she made a project, as young girls in high schools we have been motivated by that, we are proud of her as her project became successful, and it gives us a way through improving our creativity,” said The 17-year-old Atete Divine from senior five of Mathematics, Economics and Geography at LDK.

Bella Kaneza, senior five-student in History Economics and Geography (HEG) at LDK said that she is happy to see her classmate awarded for such an innovative project, noting that it gives them as young high school girls students, an idea of working hard.

“We are so happy and this teaches a lesson of working hard and not fearing what we may do because we are also able to do something. What I can tell others is like to be confident and work for their future,” said Kaneza.

Martin Masabo, LDK Headmaster told The Inspirer that students are actually given the skills in entrepreneurship to be able to create their own jobs rather than seeking them.


Martin Masabo, LDK headmaster.

“They are given the skills as they are studying entrepreneurship in the curriculum to prepare them to be able to create their own jobs, when they finish, for example this student who is in MPC, she is a good girl and she even participated in robotics boot camp and she made some robots, which are actually used in agriculture, so they have such a kind of innovations where they can make their own businesses, create their own jobs, using the skills they have acquired here,” Masabo said.

He mentioned that students have to develop their talents and especially the new competence based curriculum gives ways of using the acquired skills to solve available problems.

Frank Rubaduka, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of All Trust Consult that organizes Yes High School Awards said that one of the reasons of such awards is to recognize entrepreneurship ideas and innovations in the high schools of Rwanda as a means to nurture and develop job creation spirit among the youth.

“We believe that every young man, he or she can be motivated through being cared for and mentored to prepare the future generation of entrepreneurs, ” he observed before adding “for this student, we are going to be close to her by giving her continuous supports through various opportunities that may support her project.  Once it is implemented, we would love to visit her office in next two years once her business flourishes; and we are going to make sure that we are providing all possible support we can in our capacities,” said Rubaduka.

Frank Rubaduka, R-L with Umunyana Shanitah 1st Runner-Up of Miss Rwanda 2018 giving award to Yasipi.

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