Rusizi Mayor Harerimana resigns


Rusizi District’s Mayor Harerimana Frédéric has resigned from his duties, citing personal reasons.

Mr. Harerimana, who had been in the dockets for three years, has confirmed to IGIHE that he submitted his resignation letter Sunday morning to the district’s council President Jean Claude Mvuyikongo.

“I have resigned for my personal reasons; there isn’t any problem that pushed me to resign. I have done a lot for the time I led the district. Any person can feel tired and want to change the work but it is just for my personal reasons that I have resigned,” he said.

“I am proud of the progress we have attained as the district’s residents and partners and I believe nothing will scroll that back.”

Harerimana had replaced Oscar Nzeyimana who resigned after an arrest in 2015 over falsification of records about community-based health insurance but he was later acquitted in April 2015 because the prosecution failed to provide sufficient proofs pinning him on the charges.

Harerimana’s resignation follows the Friday’s resignation of Nyabihu Mayor Théoneste Uwanzwenuwe and Vice-Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Clarisse Mukansanga, both citing personal reasons.

However, Mukansanga was subsequently arrested on the allegations of genocide ideology.



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