Isooko Association, AERG/CBE students to pay tribute to the victims of Tutsi

Kwibuka 24

By Elias Hakizimana

In line with the country’s target to foster national unity and to say never again the Genocide against the Tutsi, Isooko Association its alumni members in partnership with Association des Etudiants Rescapes du Genocide (AERG) College of Business and Economics have planned a work to remember coupled with a reflective night vigil on May 4, 2018.

This activity has the objective of honoring the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and  it will teach the young people the dark part of the history of genocide and how to prevent it.

According to Jonathan BIGIRUMWAMI, Isooko National coordinator, at the end of the event, Isooko Association and AERG expect to have a robust framework aimed at having a thoughtful, deeper and meaningful engagement in understanding the genocide against Tutsi  – its causes and consequences particularly how its members and generally the entire humanity ought to contribute to its prevention.

“It also accords time for participants to reflect on Rwanda’s past bad political history and thus lessons drawn to ensure a“never again slogan’’ and build a self-reliant new Rwanda for the future generation,” Bigirumwami said.

Jonathan BIGIRUMWAMI, Isooko National coordinator (C) with his colleagues AERG Alumni students. (Courtesy).

Every year from April 7th to 13th, in Rwanda and the world commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This is a moment to pay tribute to those who perished in the Genocide, and carry out various activities to support genocide survivors.

After the Genocide that was stopped by RPF INKOTANYI in 1994, the Government of Rwanda embarked on a journey of nation rebuilding. Since then, the Government has been calling on all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to join hands in commemoration activities, and partake in the fight against genocide ideology.

For 2018 #Kwibuka24: the theme is’’Remember, Unite, Renew” which embraces country’s resolve for “Never Again”, for the unity and reconciliation, fighting against Genocide ideology, and most particularly, paying tribute to Genocide victims and supporting the Genocide survivors.

Countrywide, the community gathers to remember the victims of the Genocide and learnt about its general history – with an emphasis on what happened in their neighborhood as it is a not only duty to pay respect to the victims but also a moment of reflection and joining efforts to support the survivors.

The walk session to Kigali Genocide Memorial will be conducted by the members of the Isoko Association its Alumni members in partnership with AERG /CBE for paying tribute to the victims and reflection followed by a vigil evening at College of Business and Economics (Gikondo campus, former SFB) where a testimony, speeches and discussions explaining the History of Genocide, Implementation and its effects in Rwanda and the region will be shared.

Further activities will include but not limited to Candle lighting, a massive physical walk from Kinamba to Gisozi Genocide Memorial signifying a public gesture to observe the memory of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda 1994, Public talks and open discussions about the theme or general concept of genocide in Rwanda or elsewhere, etc.

Specific objectives of the walk and the reflective night vigil are: to pay respect and tribute to the Tutsi who were killed during the 1994 Genocide, to engage entire humanity especially the youth people in the fight against the genocide ideology and foster unity and reconciliation, to say “NO” to all forms of discrimination based on color, size, age or background and to create a sustainable network platform for peace building.

Bigirumwami noted that youth will be able to raise awareness and gaining consensus among the audience to have a common interest to fight against the Genocide ideology as well as other forms of Discrimination

Other results of this walk will be to establishing a network to fight against the Genocide denial whose works aim at distorting and falsifying the true history of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

“A permanent framework as well as a sustainable functioning system that will be ensuring that similar events are yearly planned and organized in order to curb all forms of negationism and fight the Genocide ideology in Rwanda and in the region will be also established,” said Bigirumwami.

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