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The Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against the Genocide (CNLG), Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana has said that Rwanda’s education system before the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi did not play its role for enlightening people, but was used as a tool for cultivating hate politics.

Bizimana was speaking yesterday in Kigali while attending the commemoration former Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) staff who were killed in the genocide.

He said that the hate politics in education was started by colonizers and missionaries by enrolling in schools only children of royal families which were Tutsi so that they would help them in their daily activities.

He said that the first and second republic took over saying that they were going to end such inequality in education, but they did the contrary by segregating Tutsi students and dismissing them from schools.

“Education is there for enlightening people, but the education which the country had, due to bad politics, did the contrary,” Bizimana said.

Speaking at the event, Researcher in the Centre for Conflict Management in at University of Rwanda, Prof. François Masabo said that education was used as the center for planning genocide ideology, segregation, destroying humanity and preventing people from critical thinking.

“Today’s education should stand against the genocide ideology and fight it through teaching children on critical thinking and making good choice,” he said.

Education Minister, Dr. Eugène Mutimura said that Rwanda’s education gives hope that the genocide will not re-occur as it is founded on giving equal opportunity to all Rwandans.

“The Ministry of Education educates without segregation, we give opportunity to all Rwandans and create confidence in all people,” he said.

At the event, mourners laid wreaths to the monument which has the names of former Ministry’s staff who were slain during the genocide.






The Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against the Genocide (CNLG), Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana speaks at the event.                 

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