Kwibuka 24: Kimironko survivors ready to forgive genocide perpetrators

By Elias Hakizimana.

Genocide survivors from Kimironko sector in Gasabo district call residents to say the truth about the massacres of Tutsi of 1994 and to seek for forgiveness as they are ready to forgive them.

The survivors made the call last night on April 10, 2018 during 24th genocide commemoration held at Kibagabaga Genocide memorial site. The site hosts over 25,000 remains of bodies of genocide victims.

Although they lost their lovely relatives, properties plus the existing scars, survivors who escaped from the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi there in Kimironko and neighbouring sectors of Gasabo district said they are now comforted by the Government of Unity with the togetherness of political parties to re-build the country.

Josee Umuhire, a survivor from Kibagabaga at the closing of her testimony about her cross-journey to escape from the massacres comforted survivors and urged Rwandans to always have truth.

“Let’s have the truth in us as it always wins, for the genocide survivors, I tell you to be strong and strive to build self-reliance. I call genocide perpetrators that we have forgiveness for those who request for, I call up on the youth to participate in commemoration dialogues because they will know the truth of what happened in our country and strive to build its brighter future,” said Umuhire.

Since 2008, the government of Rwanda established new guidelines of Unity and Reconciliation among Rwandans.

Speaking during the commemoration event last night, Hon. Theogene Munyangeyo said that Rwanda made a significant step in fighting genocide ideology since the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda is commemorated in 147 countries globally.MP. Théogène Munyangeyo said better education for children is key to ending genocide ideology.

Munyangeyo advised parents and educators to give better education to the children in order to build a brighter future free of genocide ideology.

“Let’s uproot genocide ideology and negative thoughts through giving better education to our children who will build a better country based on values, patriotism, discipline, hardworking that benefit every Rwandan,” said Munyangeyo.

Unity and Reconciliation is at 92% as per current RGB statistics.

Stephen Rwamurangwa, Gasabo district’s Mayor said this gives a hope of success in ending racial ideology in the country.

Rwamurangwa said however that some people still hold genocide ideology observed in their speeches even during commemoration periods.

“We need to continue teaching whoever still have reluctance in understanding our history, we need to teach them through the churches, umugoroba w’ababyeyi, civil society organizations and everyone has to play a role in partnership with the government,” He said.

Theodore Uwiduhaye, IBUKA vice president in Gasabo district said that the major problem they still have is hesitance of involved people in Genocide who do not want to join others while commemorating.

“We are today healthy, clean and confident because of the RPF’s good leadership. One problem we still have is that some people who played a role in genocide are still reluctant to to join commemoration dialogues,” said Uwiduhaye.

Nyiridandi Mapambano, Kimironko sector’s Executive Secretary was at the commemoration event.
Nyiridandi Mapambano (1st-R)with other Authorities during the commemoration night on April 10, 2018.

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