12th Graduation: Over 300 awarded certificates at ULK Gisenyi

By Elias Hakizimana.

326 students of Kigali Independent University (ULK) Gisenyi Branch were awarded Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees on March 28, 2018 with the 12th Graduation ceremony of this University. The ceremony took place in Rubavu district at the University building.

278 of the graduates are Bachelors holders and 36 were awarded Masters degrees while 10 who also awarded Bachelors came from ULK main headquarters in Kigali to be awarded with their colleagues in Gisenyi.

While witnessing the ceremony, Prof. Kalisa Mbanda, the Chancellor of ULK appreciated the students’ efforts and good will to attain the objective of success along their journey at the University.

Prof. Kalisa Mbanda

Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel, the Vice-Chancellor of ULK after recognizing a big step made by the graduates, he gave them an assignment to go out there and contribute towards solution availability to some trending problems facing Rwandan community.

Dr.Sekibibi Ezechiel

Sekibibi said that the year 2018 sees a big number of registered students with 50 percent of students from abroad.

“This graduation ceremony we are celebrating today is the outcome of effort, good will, patience and working together,” Sekibibi noted.

He advised graduates to go and use the acquired skills efficiently in a manner that brings change towards the socio-economic development.

“The degrees you are awarded should be used to make changes and contribute to the development that our country needs. Out there are several problems waiting your input, go and engage your knowledge to find solutions,” Sekibibi told graduates.

Various invitees attended to this graduation ceremony. Among them are those from all sides of Africa including Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Congo, among others.

Sekibibi said the campus gives skills and prioritizes research aiming at the community’s welfare.

“The skills we give to our students are driven by research and national values, we need that our students have skills and Rwandan and positive values, we have good teachers to help them gather necessary skills and the research is one of the key principles our university has prioritized, we must develop it to reach the development our country needs,” Sekibibi noted.

The campus also engages the good will to support vulnerable students whereby 2802 students were assisted since the inception of the university.

Giving his remarks during the 12th graduation, the founder of ULK Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda owed special thanks to the ministry of education and other partners of the campus for their contribution towards the success of the campus.

Prof.Dr.Rwigamba Balinda addressing the graduates and the public.

Rwigamba also recognized the friendship with the neighbor country (Congo) and Clerics who attended to the graduation ceremony. ULK is a church-based university and believes in Jesus Christ.

Rwigamba said the good fruits of skills amongst the student are from God and encouraged graduates to continue have faith that leads to daily success.

“The faith gives you special and permanent power because you are empowered by God every day. Faith gives you self-confidence and when you do not have faith, you do not also have hope of life,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Rwigamba advised graduates to not waste their time but to use their skills and values in serving the Rwandan community and the Almighty God as it is highlighted in the campus principles.

Prof.Dr.Rwigamba Balinda

Rwigamba pointed at some successful guidelines (humanity, patience and working spirit) as secrets to help the graduates meet community development.

“Go and implement these values: love, peace, forgiveness, courage and serving God. These will help you reach your goal of success. Avoid negative activities, negative ideas and do not give up in whatever you have started doing,” he told the graduates.

Rwigamba also advised the graduates to create jobs using the good will, positive thinking as first start-up capital. “money comes the last to implement these start-ups,” he noted, adding that the country has facilitated the community to create jobs using internet.

A graduate speaks

Etienne Izimenyera, the Priest at Nyundo Diocese has graduated from ULK as best graduate in bachelors’ of Finance and Accountancy.  He Told The Inspirer that he gained a lot from the campus which he will share to the public.

Etienne Izimenyera, the Priest at Nyundo Diocese said he gained a lot from the campus.

“I have been in the campus since three years ago. Learning finance and accountancy helped me enough, I will use the acquired skills in creating more opportunities for Rwandans and the general community as well,” said Izimenyera.

Kigali Independent University has lecturers and senior lecturers accounting to 262 who have Masters and PhD. It has offered certificates to 31,003 students since its inception in 1996.

Graduates were happy to get their certificates.
Graduates were advised to create solutions to the community’s problems.
Graduates moving inside the campus premises before getting their certificates.


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