SDGC/A, Rwanda ministry of health commit to accelerate accountability in healthcare

(L-R, Dr Belay Begashaw, the Director General of SDGC/A with Dr.Patrick Ndimubanzi the State Minister for Health during a press brief yesterday. (Courtesy).

By Elias Hakizimana.

Through a two-day conference on strengthening accountability in African health systems that opens in Kigali today, government’s officials including health professionals have pledged to  enforce sustainable development goals especially in healthcare delivery.

The conference that is oragnised by the Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa (SDGC/A) in partnership with Rwanda Ministry of Health will equip local health professionals with additional experience through shared discussions.

In this conference, over 500 participants including government ministers, health professionals, and representatives of health associations, councils and research centers from across the world will be together to take actions in achieving SDGs goals.

“This is the most theme of the conference that is about strengthening and building accountability in the health system. We are not saying there is not accountability at all but want to strengthen them,” Dr Belay Begashaw, the Director General of SDGC/A told the media yesterday.

As you all know a lot of works are going around the health since the 2000 during the MDGs time with focus to improve the welfare of citizens. That focus centers was dealing with killer diseases like HIV/AIDS. SDGC was launched in 2015 and the SDGC 3 is covering health and is trying to finish the agendas of the MDGs like building the health system.” Dr Belay added.

Dr Belay recommended participants to come up with successful solutions including measures to reduce maternal deaths that still occur in developing countries at 90 percent with the majority of those from Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the World Health Organization an estimated 303000 women died during and following pregnancy and at childbirth in 2015. More than a half of all preventable maternal deaths or a 99% occur in Sub Saharan Africa. Mortality rates among adults has declined to 361 per 1000 people in 1990 but remained highest in world with 306 deaths per the same population in 2013.

The under-5 mortality rate declined from 177 per 1000 lives born since 1990 to 81 in 2015 but Africa need more effort to ensure continuance of that trend.

Governments and international partners and actors need to report negligence-related deaths in African to spread knowledge that helps avoid the deaths.

SDGC/A recommends health professionals avoiding tendencies and malpractices which lead to dysfunctions in low-income countries.



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Elias Hakizimana

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