Local medics trained on Psycho-neuro treatment

By Elias Hakizimana.

Twenty medics across the country gained training on neurology and illnesses that attack nerves and were urged to share skills to their team to further their current professionalism in regard with such illnesses and treatment.

The training was organized by Butare teaching University center (CHUB) in partnership with the east African development bank (EADB), British council and the royal college of physicians.

Augustin Sendegeya, the principle of CHUB said the training was organized for medic doctors from different hospitals including district and referral hospitals in Rwanda. Among the participants were medics from Kigali teaching University (CHUK), CHUB, and Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH).

Sendegeya said that neurological illnesses exist among Rwandan population but medic specialists are not enough.

This training helps them to have needed skills on such illnesses, and will go back to share skills with their colleagues in their hospitals and will help us to serve patients coming for such treatment,” he said.

Augustin Sendegeya, the principle of CHUB.(Elias Hakizimana).

Sendegeya also said that medics will be able to identify which illnesses need a specialist doctor following the skills gained from the training.

Forms of neurological disorders

Sendegeya explained that many of these illnesses exist and in different forms such as brain cancer, strokes, high blood pressure resulting in brain nerves dysfunction.

These medics were trained by experts from United Kingdom, Uganda, and CHUK (Rwanda).

David Odongo, head of business for the east African development bank based in Kigali. He said the bank that operates in four countries : Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and that the east African community governance council decided to initiate the medical training programme to be implemented by the EADB.

“Within these trainings we intend to train 600 doctors in the field of urology. This is the first session we are having in Rwanda, and hopefully we will be able to hold other sessions in 2018 for the four-year duration programme,”said Odongo.

David Odongo, Head of Business for the East African Development Bank based in Kigali.(Elias Hakizimana).

Odongo also said that doctors who were trained in Rwanda can be facilitated to go to Uganda for a similar session to share experience with colleagues from Uganda.

“There will be other sessions where doctors from Rwanda will also be able to share experience with doctors from Kenya and doctors from Tanzania. All these activities are basically what EADB will be financing over four years,” said Odongo.

Apart from urology, EADB also facilitates trainings on Oncology (related to cancer) to reduce no-communicable diseases that are increasingly frequent in the East African Region. Odongo said that they target to reduce fatalities attached to such illnesses.

We do not have enough capacity in terms of money for personnel for early detection as well as management. So, our expectation is that we will be able to increase the ability of these countries to be able to early detect, manage and hopefully save lives of patients who are affected either by oncology or neurological disorders.

Esperance Uwamariya, programs manager in British council said they intend to support neurologist doctors in partnership with EADB that funds the initiative.

Esperance Uwamariya, programs manager in British council. (Elias Hakizimana).

“We partner with the real college of physicians who have expertise in treating such illnesses and the college is in charge of training organization and implementation of this initiative in Rwanda,” said Uwamariya.

A trainee speaks out

Gaspard Habimana, a medic pediatric in CHUK said “the training will increase our current skills on neurological disorders treatment. On my side, I have got additional skills to treat children who suffer from such disorders,” said Habimana.

By Elias Hakizimana @theinspirerpubl 





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