New device to boost global digital transformation in financial industries

ENsign10 device transforms digital business operation Worldwide.

Euronavate Company introduced the first ever changing life device “ENsign10” that will fast truck the transformation of digital businesses in the world.

Introduced in 2012, the device combines two innovative concepts ,the highest level of security for biometric signature and a new channel for customer interaction that are widely common in financial companies.

The device that will also ease health care service delivery will drastically reduce risks of compliance and cost of the paperwork management.

According to Dora Madalina Guzu, International Sales Manager at Euronovate, the device allows signing on the screen by a very close experience to the paper and detects 1024 pressure levels which assures an optimal quality and accuracy of the gathered data.

Dora Madalina Guzu, International Sales Manager at Euronovate. (Courtesy).

She was speaking last week during an international summit on ICT impact in financial entities that was held in Kigali.

She said that creation and use of this blockchain accessed with trusted adaptive ID for the purpose of submission of simple transaction, issuing of digital  and smart contract without involving physical goods.

Guzu further noted that the advantages given by blockchain environment together with the role based on access permission mechanism enable the user to have safe storage of transaction.

“Euronovate’s “ENsign10” is the only signature devise in world that owns a proprietary patent to fulfil the national and international highest safety standards for the electronic signature,” said Guzu.

The device will be used as strong identity for creation, negotiation, management and signature in all business areas, both using traditional digital contract and smart contract sealed inside a blockchain network.

“Trusted adaptive ID is a digital combination of what I  am, what I know, and what I own, the biometric data are taken from an online application, maintain the status updated in internal blockchain ,the use of identity is validated throughout a set of cross checks of official documents (passport ID) and biometric data,” Guzu said.

Each blockchain transaction contains of current trusted adaptive ID status. Over 50 references in the financial services industry allowed us to summarize the full scheme of digital transformation and main development lines like digital identity, digital hub, workflow management, document composition, digital multichannel delivery, electronic and digital signature, interactive and digital marketing as well as digital archiving,” she said.

Euronovate is an innovative Swiss company, with international presence, specialized in Business Digital Transformation Solutions.

By Elias Hakizimana @theinspirerpubl



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